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Can The New Cloud Service Zeetings Help Your Business Presentations?

Posted by: on Sep 8, 2015 | No Comments

Tired of watching or making the same old type of power point presentations again and again? Zeeting (An Australian start up) gives you some new and interesting tools for interacting with your audience and tracking their engagement. Zeeting is presentation platform (Cloud Based) can transform the audience from passive users into more active participants. Unlike the already existing software on presentations, Zeeting is not only about producing the slides, but it is rather about creating a genuine and strong connection between you and your audience. According to the CEO of Zeetings, interacting with the audience is very important because the main goal of the presenter is to influence the audience by capturing their attention. He further added that if the audience are not engaged quickly, soon they will pick up their smart phones and will start checking their emails and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.)



What do Zeetings do?
With the help of Zeetings, you can design an easily accessible, social and interactive presentation for the audience via any connected device and with the help of data driven analytics, you can better understand what your audience is thinking. This app promised to entertain audience with its fascinating features. It allows the presenter to load their slides from Prezi, Power Point or Haiku Deck and shares them with the audience by providing them an online access.

Zeeting encourages the audience interaction, allow the people to comment, respond to live polls or ask question during the presentation. Through tracking engagement system, the presenter can create a “Virtual or Virtuous cycle” where the data will give a better sense of engagement and also allow improvements in the presentation.


Challenges faced by Zeeting:
New start-ups always have to face some challenges which they need to address and overcome. Zeeting’s technology looks very sound, but one of the major challenges they are facing is to ensure that the audience has access to the internet. However, the CEO of the company declared that he does not want Zeeting to be a Wi-Fi accessing company. He further added that this might be a serious issue in Australia, but hopefully they won’t face any such challenge in the international market where the Wi-Fi and access to the internet is generally better. Zeeting also stated that they are working on the assumption that there is always a stable internet connection.




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