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Microsoft Demos Mixed Reality Gaming On HoloLens With Project Xray Today!

Posted by: on Oct 6, 2015 | No Comments

Today during the big Windows 10 Devices event in NY, Microsoft demonstrated some mixed reality gaming on the HoloLens. The project is code named Project Xray, and it turns every room of your house into a personalized video game level. Now your environment can be your central game world. Definitely a neat idea. Similar to our OTON AyR concept we announced a few years, nevertheless, I’m curious to see where Microsoft take this idea and concept.


The HoloLens can detect the player arms and overlay it with holograms, the demo showed robots exploding through a wall, and get this, you’ll even be able to hold and wear the holograms. I can see some cool things coming from this idea with mass battles and environments. In other news from the event, Microsoft announced that HoloLens will reach developers in 2016 for $3,000. Kind of pricey for developers but you have to start a foundation first and to create awareness of the platform.

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