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Review Of The Windows 10 Release!

Posted by: on Aug 25, 2015 | No Comments

Windows 10 is the completely new version of the windows operating system. Even some predicted that this version is a make-or-break for the Microsoft. Even though the Windows 8.1 made a lot of changes and improvement, but it was evident that Windows 8 was always under the shadow of Windows 7. Many users got confused while using the Windows 8, as some of the tools didn’t make a logical sense. In fact, Windows 8 was rejected and disliked by many users. Soon Microsoft realized that they need to address the concerns of their users and other associated people.


Windows 10 is not just an operating system for 32 and 64-bit PCs, but it can also run on ARM platforms for smartphones and smaller tablets. Windows 10 is a part of the Windows NT family just like the previous versions (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8)
Pros of Windows 10:
The start menu is back again and it looks even better than the previous ones. It is a great upgrade over Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 10 has also managed to fix the broken desktop experience of windows 8. The Cortana is also very useful and powerful.
Cons of Windows 10:
Experience of using Windows 10 on tablets has still have some problems. Another drawback is that the calendar and mail apps are not available without the Microsoft account.
Upgrading to Windows 10:
Microsoft has offered a free upgrade for a limited time (one year) of release for the users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 device. According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 users (PC and phone) will not face any problem in installing the windows 10. A Windows 7 user can also upgrade to Windows 10 if his Phone or PC are meeting the requirements, which include free hard disk space of 16 GB or more, RAM: 2 GB (64-bit) or1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or, graphics card, Microsoft account and a stable Internet access. Microsoft has also revealed that those who will upgrade in the promotional period can use the Windows 10 free forever.


Final word:
The bottom line is that Windows 10 is an amazing operating system. In fact, it is fair to say even at this initial stage that it’s the best Windows yet. Of course, it is not perfect, and there will be bugs that require fixing, so expect updates and patches very soon.

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