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5 Things You Should Know About Windows 10!

Posted by: on Jun 1, 2015 | No Comments

Microsoft Corporation made a huge announcement today regarding Windows 10.  Today the software giant said its new Windows 10 operating system will be available worldwide on July 29, as a free upgrade for users of the most recent versions of Windows. That got us thinking at TechGeniux on what 5 key things you should know about the new Windows 10 operating system. We also covered Windows 10 password system and Windows 10 breakdown articles on the TechGeniux blog. Please check out those articles after you finish  reading this highly informative Windows 10 article. Another fun fact,  Microsoft directly went to Windows 10 and skipped Windows 9, announcing amazingly surprising changes for its users in the new version. Here is a list of some amazing features of Windows10. Drum roll….

1. Internet Searches Made Simple With Windows 10
An amazing feature of Windows 10 that makes it attractive from its previous versions is the search bar of the Start menu. Before it was only possible to search for files and folders within the computer, but now internet searches can also be performed by the search bar. You just have to type in your query and search bar will display a list of internet results that can be easily executed from the start menu. The best thing about this feature is that only it saves your time, but it is also blindingly simple to use.

2. Easy Access to Frequently-Visited Files
Windows10 has also taken care of its user’s convenience by adding a separate heading for folders that you visit frequently and files you have accessed recently within the window. This list can guide you in navigating easily to the folders that you use most often.


3. Inclusion of OneDrive
Dropbox is an important part of daily life for most of the people, both at home as well as work because it allows instant access to files at anytime and from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. With that said, there is an inclusion of One Drive in Windows 10. This feature works in the same way as Dropbox. It has a 15 GB free limit and works on a subscription basis. You can even get more storage space by referring it to friends or buying from Microsoft.

4. Organizing Your Online Workspace Through Virtual Desktop
Everybody likes to run multiple programs operating simultaneously, particularly if you are operating them for different reasons. Most of the people get distracted using several tabs at the same time. Windows 10 has solved this problem for you with its amazing feature, known as Virtual Desktops. This concept has been implemented by Microsoft that will allow you to have multiple desktops with each running different apps and programs simultaneously. So now you can have Netflix, Steam, YouTube operating on one desktop and then have Outlook, Word, Excel open in another.

5. Complete Platform
Office is now a complete platform in Windows 10. You can not only see different types of add-ins, but third-party developers are also allowed to integrate their apps into things like Word and Outlook directly.

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