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TechGeniux Windows 10 Breakdown

Posted by: on Mar 10, 2015 | No Comments

Microsoft’s Windows 10 provides a next generation prudent operating system solution. Microsoft executives believed that Windows 10 can be a solution for a world that is highly accessed through android and cloud computing. They further informed that Microsoft is committed to provide traditional mouse and keyboard users as well as optimized for touchpads and will put same interface of devices with displays that ranges from 4 inches to 80 inches.

A single yet collective experience for all communicating and informative devices, MS Windows 10 has overcome the litigious image of Windows 8 which was designed with vibrantly live tiles for information and notifications. Windows 8 is more accessible for touchscreen devices yet not much interesting for desktops. Moreover, they are not helpful in multi tasking. Windows 10 however, has a Start menu that gives easier access to both fields.  A group of virtual desktops can be opened by hitting Windows+TAB keys which is impulsive to multiple apps. This additional virtual desktop feature is tempting, familiar and user-friendly without forfeiting the entire display. It boosts productivity by allowing users to drag, drop and rearrange the virtual desktop.


Windows 10 is a potential operating system that provides an interface from desktop to tablets. Now, switching from desktop to tablet mode is just a transformation. The providence of accessing accustomed gestures on windows tablet and switching back to desktop is just one “toggle button” away in Windows 10 Action Center. Since desktop and laptops are traditional work-handlers however, smartphones and tablets are in limelight as an alternate nowadays. Windows 10 has fulfilled the dream of Microsoft fit-in-all approach which was inefficiently dragged by Windows 8. Microsoft has also done search improvements by adding a search button in the taskbar which displays recent files and frequently visited folders for a faster and easier access.

There is a new Snap Assist every app that can actively resize a window. Unlike previous version where snapped app took half of your screen, windows 10 provide access to four apps in single screen providing painless multitasking for the user. Another feature includes a Snap Assist that suggests other apps likely to open when a document is snapped to one side of screen. According to Microsoft execs, it is intended to save the hassle of searching through the menus. With these innovative progressions and enhancements, Windows 10 will let you work faster and smarter and users can see efficiency in their work.


Update From Microsoft Blog: Yesterday at the Windows 10 media briefing, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox at Microsoft, shared the company’s vision for gaming on Windows 10 and Xbox One. With Xbox on Windows 10, we’re bringing some of the most exciting features from Xbox Live and some of the most popular Xbox experiences into Windows 10 itself. The built-in Xbox app is the place where your world of gaming comes together. It’s a unified view of the games you care about, your friends, and your gaming activities. And with Xbox Live, more than 50 million members will now connect across screens in new ways.

Let’s break down this information from Microsoft Windows 10 announcement. The Xbox Live service will be free for PC players? Based on the information and online reports yesterday, Xbox Live Gold will not be required for online multiplayer gaming using our service on Windows 10 PCs and Phones. PC players can expect game streaming, Direct X 12, game DVR and Xbox app. With stiff competition from GOG, Origin and Steam it seem Microsoft is definitely making a move to capture the open  game market for the PC with Windows 10. Share your thoughts on Windows 10 in the comments!


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