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Why You Should Be Using Github!

Posted by: on Nov 3, 2015 | No Comments

Are you a programming geek whose mere world is defined around coding? Do you face problems whilst implementation and find it time consuming to search the whole web for answers? Do you want to be synchronized to the updates your teammates are making? Here is a one-word answer to all your problems- GitHub. GitHub is the world’s number one host for coders having around 27.7 million repositories and a built in easy interface tool for 200 programming languages. These tools are both for private and commercial purposes. Github was launched on April 10, 2008, now in 2015 reports list the company having over 9 million users and over 21.1 million repositories. Learn how Github can make your coding and development easier.


GitHub provides a $2500 decent pricing plan per year that includes all updates, upgrades, technical support and a license for up to a team of 10 people. Just after you join GitHub here are many features that are available for the GitHub community.
Integrated error finder
Bugs are often very hard to detect. The integrated error finder can help detect errors while you focus on the design.
Synchronized group code review collaboration
Pull Requests are used to propose changes to the project files. Once a pull request is sent, interested parties can review the set of changes, discuss potential modifications, and push follow-up commits if necessary.
Team Manager
Now you get to know what your team members are doing with the code. With the power to restrict and give authority to change code, you need properly synchronized working with your team members.
Auto complete text
The auto complete text makes it faster and easier for codes to be written. The smart option makes proper linking with possible problems and is simple to use.
Highlighted code and data
With over 200 programming languages knowledge, GitHub provides both syntax highlighting and Data rendering capabilities for formats like CSV files, STL 3D models and GeoJSON maps.

In your pocket and on the move
You can synchronize your phone with your computer and take your mobile office anywhere you want.
After proving to be a lifesaver for programmers all over the world, GitHub is an all in one solution that is available at a very decent price. With powerful security and robust interface and multiple software support, why comb around the web for answers when this lightning fast innovation is just a click away. Developments of software have never been this easy; you can use either or your personal instance of GitHub enterprise. Don’t want to buy it yet? Take a trial and be impressed with its excellent features!

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