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What is Samsung cooking up next for the Galaxy S6 phone?

Posted by: on Feb 16, 2015 | 2 Comments



Samsung is a reputable company in the field of electronic devices and gadgets. We are all familiar with the great products produced by the company, following the latest technology trends and always struggling to bring something new and exciting into our lives. In the mobile phone sector, it is a fierce competitor of the Apple Company, always trying to come up with something fresh and intriguing, comparative with the products made by Apple. So what is Samsung preparing for us next? Rumors appear all over the press and Internet that the company is preparing to release the new Galaxy S6. Apple already launched their iPhone 6, so we all wondering what Samsung is waiting for. Are the features going to exceed the ones offered by Apple? Until now, Samsung guards very well its secret, keeping everyone hooked into the coming event.


When Galaxy S5 appeared, fans were all over it. Big and attractive screen, an efficient battery with a greater autonomy, and a very powerful processor that allows the user to unroll a great diversity of applications. Too bad the design wasn’t changed too much, satisfying the wishes of the user for a more handsome and futuristic looking smartphone. But will the new Galaxy S6 meet all expectancies? Everybody hopes so. Rumors say that the new Galaxy 6 will be built using an entirely new design strategy. So we must be prepared to see a completely changed Samsung Galaxy, hopefully, more balanced and thin. But Samsung won’t change only its looks. The released speculation state the hardware is not the only thing to be changed about the new S6, as the software will also suffer significant changes. Samsung wants to make up the losses and negative feedback given by the users of multiple Samsung models, including the latest S5. Thus, useless applications present in the software of the phone, named bloatware, will disappear. It seems like Samsung is about to make an alliance with Microsoft, and introduce apps like Office, OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype, which will prove extremely useful for the users. We’ll see if that is the truth after the phone will be released.


The released is expected to be around the 1st of March, although Samsung did not confirm or announced any official date. Everybody is excited to see if Samsung will be able to beat the stylish iPhone 6. We do all expect to see a more elegant case, made out of metal, maybe a rim or perhaps the entire body. Also, some rumors say that it may have a curved design, which will be more impressive than any other Samsung models. The operability of the phone can be fueled by a new and extremely powerful processor made by Snapdragon, but this information has not been confirmed yet. The screen is expected to be bigger than iPhone 6 and much better, reaching 5.1 or 5.3 inches, with a 2K resolution. We know that with a bit of research Samsung can beat the functionality of the iPhone. But will it also beat the looks and innovative design of the Apple Company? We will just have to wait and see.

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