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Welcome To TechGeniux!

Posted by: on Nov 4, 2014 | No Comments


Hi Derrick here, welcome to my new tech blog called TechGeniux! The blog is still under development, but as we continue to expand and add cooler tech stuff, you can expect out-of-the-box reviews on new tech, entertainment, science, culture and design. I will personally post a new article each week. Yes, I’m the Creator of the EnGeniux OTON autonomous game console. I will rarely post articles directly related to my own console, but I will try to provide interested supporters with new OTON updates and breaking news. I felt it was important to have my own blog so that I can share creditable news on the system.

We had a rocky start, but I’m determined to show people that OTON is amazing and its potential is unlimited! Most OTON articles will come from other writers and bloggers. With that said, over the next few weeks we will roll out a monthly tech feedback and support subscription service plus digital and print TechGeniux magazine memberships that will cover product support on any tech products such as consoles, mobile devices, and PCs. The support will be given by the community, people we call TechGeniux techs! TechGeniux merges media news with tech product and service support within one website! The general TechGeniux site will be free. The monthly membership subscription will cover a more direct response for general support, overview of products and questions regarding services and gadgets.

Also, we have writing positions available. Do you want to write for TechGeniux? It’s simple. Just create a free account. Contact us about how to earn your free TechGeniux T-shirt and how you can be a leading TechGeniux expert. Writers earn 100 percent of the ad revenue from their articles! The site will be a combination of news, reviews, and support! The community can upload their reviews on new products and earn payment for support info. I see TechGeniux as a conduit to help other users get community support and timely news on new products and gadgets! Also, look for our new TechGeniux app to get TechGeniux news on the go. The site will be updated weekly with new links and original tech news, swag giveaways, and videos. In closing, TechGeniux represents an open service and helpful media outlet to get the latest news and product support! We see technology as exciting and fun, yet helpful for improving our daily lives!
Now let me kickoff the blog with some OTON news!

For the last few months of 2014, we were working on a new OTON console design for several reasons, such as cost, flexibility design, and the positioning of the console’s rear projector. The design done by Joseph Dumary from 2012 is still an amazing design, but we felt we needed something new to create a higher level of excitement and new design layout to accommodate the HD projector. We went through many designs, but we felt the new design was sleek, fit the desired function required, and just looked cool! In the next few weeks, we hope to share this new retail design, a few small demos, and release the first OTON developer kits. The developer kits for 2014 will not look like the final retail design, which is scheduled for a future release. What I can share is the new OTON developer controller for the new console (see image). The key goal is to create a starting point for the console and work to improve it step-by-step. The developer unit is nowhere near complete.

It’s a starting point to improve the tech. EnGeniux is a small start-up, so our budget is tight, and we must bootstrap development of the development console. We used the open source game Secret Maryo Chronicles as the blueprint and starting point to test our algorithm, and as we produce new code and updates we will employ custom engines, new graphics, and more game genres. More information will be available on the OTON development units in the coming weeks. This is only the beginning and we appreciate all the support from our amazing community.

Closing, if you have a new crowdfunding product, a new product, or some cool tech, please let us know. Again, thanks for joining us and spread the word about TechGeniux!
–D. Samuels

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