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The Top 3 Virtual Reality Eye-Wear

Posted by: on Mar 3, 2015 | No Comments

VR, (Virtual reality) a wonderful experience in which the head movements of the users are tracked in a 3D world, making it suited to movies and games. Here are the reviews of the top 3 Virtual Reality Eye wear. Drum roll…….


3. Google Cardboard
Recently, Google has announced an amazing Cardboard virtual reality headset. You can use it by popping your smartphone into the cardboard container and then strap it to your head. This may sound like a joke, however it actually works. Moreover, it is an affordable way of experiencing virtual reality. This combination of cardboard, plastic lenses, Velcro strips and magnets is first serious entry of Google into the new world of virtual reality. Not only Google’s Cardboard VR experience is enjoyable, but also this Cardboard is much more than a DIY toy.


Photo Credit: Runner1928 -Wikipedia

2. Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR is a very promising and cool ticket for early adopters who are looking for a reasonable taste of virtual reality. These eye wears create a better than expected sense of fascination by using a Samsung Note 4 as its engine, apps, screen are all free. However, this eyewear only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note4. Moreover, the app assortment comprises mainly of quick mini-games and demos. Another disadvantage of Samsung Gear VR is that its video resolution is quite grainy in VR when compared with tablets and TVs and these glasses also don’t work with full fledged computer-based Oculus software. The optical technology used in Samsung’s Gear VR is similar to those of Oculus headsets. The headset is like a plastic set of ski goggles, having a front bracket which is used for holding the Note 4 in place.


Photo Credit: Maurizio Pesce


1. Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift is a latest virtual reality headset specifically designed for video games that will forever change the way you think about gaming. This headset features amazingly wide field of view, high resolution display and ultra-low latency head tracking that provides a truly immersive experience, allowing you to explore new worlds like never before and step inside your most favorite game. There is also an external camera available that enables positional tracking, however now you can walk around as well as twist, turn and duck, thus providing you freedom of movement. There are many improvements in this eyewear, such as Fresnel lenses, fold down headphones now create 3D positional sound that enables a kind of auditory VR and improved display resolution provide a more fluid and crisper experience. The Oculus Rift went from a Kickstarter project to a Facebook acquisition deal for $2 billion on March 25, 2014, you can expect Oculus Rift to continue to innovate for years to come.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Stabinger

Photo Credit: Sebastian Stabinger

There you have it! The TechGeniux top 3 VR eye wear systems. Which VR is your favorite or did we leave one off the list! Share your thoughts in the comments!

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