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New Plant-Based Gel Can Stop Bleeding In Seconds!

Posted by: on Jun 24, 2015 | No Comments

This morning I came across a very ingenious product created by entrepreneur Joe Landolina. Joe is the co-founder and CEO of a new biotech company called Suneris that has produced a very innovative gel called VetiGel. Suneris’ premier product, VetiGel, is designed exclusively for veterinarians to stop internal and external bleeding. The gel activates blood’s natural clotting process and is made with biocompatible components that can be absorbed directly into the body. By reassembling onto a wound site, VetiGel mimics the body’s extracellular matrix and accelerates the production of fibrin, which enables the body to clot rapidly. Joe is 22 years old today but he created the gel when he was 17-years old while attending school. After extensive research and development, Joe created the first iteration of his gel technology that stopped bleeding in severe wounds. He presented the gel at an entrepreneurial competition in New York, where he met Isaac Miller. Isaac was on his way to a marketing and finance degree and immediately saw the potential for this product. Together, Joe and Isaac created a business strategy around the invention and ultimately co-founded Suneris.

The company states that the gel technology is durable and bioresorbable. After the gel has controlled bleeding at the site of injury, the accompanying solidifying agent is applied to solidify the gel and form a long-lasting protective barrier over the wound. Since the gel is a plant-based gel technology is biocompatible, it facilitates options and flexibility in follow-up care. Once the gel is secured as a single mass by the solidifying agent, it can either be removed or left in place to safely resorb.

The gel is easy to apply and requires no preparation or any special storage for the VetiGel. The gel is supplied in sterile, single-use syringes, which are stored at room temperature. No additional steps are needed to activate the gel and no special training is required to use the product properly. The Suneris gel and solidifying agent work effectively to stop bleeding in a range of temperatures, even after long-term storage. Suneris is currently commercializing the gel for use by veterinarians. Suneris is also seeking FDA approval for human use within the United States and abroad. The veterinary market will be the first, but not the only, market to benefit from Suneris’ gel technology. The initial product is set to roll-out in a five-pack of 5-milliliter syringes that costs $150 with goals to distribute in US first with Europe and Asia markets next year. This is definitely a product to keep your eyes on in the near future. The VetiGel is plant based and fast acting.

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