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Is The Unreal 4 Game Engine The Best Engine For Development?

Posted by: on Jun 2, 2015 | No Comments

The Unreal Engine is a series of game engines created by Epic games first in 1998. While it was fundamentally developed for first-person shooters, it has been used for many other genres in the previous years. The Unreal Engine has been coded in C++ and hence many game developers prefer using it in the present times. The latest version of the series is Unreal Engine 4. It has been basically designed for Microsoft’s Direct X 11 and 12, OpenGL, and JavaScript/ WebGl.


The Unreal Engine 4 was released with many new and interesting features which attracted the game developers all over the world. Few of them are:

Global Illumination
The lighting features of the UE4 are the most apparent change; the new lighting model enables real-time Global Illumination (GI) for the first time ever. The feature helps game developers to give highly realistic effects when it comes to any type of lighting tones. For instance, you can now precisely show all the details of the colored objects in a room when light falls on the through tinted windows. So what’s different? Many game engines previously have presented a similar feature which would picture the same effects, in a static mode; and this exactly is what makes UE4 unique. The UE4 does all this in real-time and this is what gives the animations the exact look that they picture in their minds.

Excessive Graphic Processor Unit Particles
The realistic approach of EU4 takes another step with the GPU based particle systems. The UE4 can use the power of your GPU and make up scenes with almost one million particles. This means that you can show realistic animations ranging from breaking of a glass to immense explosions.

Developer-friendly Tools
This is the main reason why all developers prefer the UE4; the tools available in this game engine can make their work a lot easier with no struggle at all. Some of the advantages developers get from these tools are:
1. Developers are now able to preview the full game in editor mode in high quality
2. The code can now be edited in real-time, which means instant debugging can be done while the preview plays.
3. The starters are able to create simple games and add different actions and behaviors just by a single tool, which doesn’t even require any writing or editing of code.
4. Reduced programming costs and increased customer ratings.


At the end of the day Epic’s Unreal Engine is the best in the business when it comes to amazing game creation and the number of developers that use the engine to create games. The cost for the engine is somewhat high for a more tailored license but Epic has introduced a new low cost monthly subscription system. You can license the engine for $19 per month. This is truly flexible pricing that can fit into any developer’s budget. The Unreal Engine platform will continue to innovate and be among the top engines in the space.

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