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The TechGeniux Top 5 EPIC Moments In The Avengers: Age Of Ultron!

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Yesterday I watched my second viewing of the Avengers : Age of Ultron and must admit I really liked the second viewing a lot better. I think with my first viewing my expectations and excitement were extremely too high. At this viewing I was able to sit back, relax  and absorb the film from a better perspective. The Avengers 2 had some awesome moments and cool action set pieces. With so many cool scenes during the film instantly had me thinking what  were the top 5 awesome moments of the Avengers 2!  Be warned this post will contain major spoilers. I didn’t include the Hulkbuster scene since we all know that was awesome! With all that said….Drum Roll….

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Honorable Mention- The party scene at Stark’s Avengers tower downtown shorty after the assault on a Sokovia Hydra outpost was a nice mellow to see the characters interact away from the battle field. This scene had several cool moments like James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) retelling one of his encounters with a bad guy by ending the conflict by dropping a tank by the guy’s feet which he thought was  funny. What made this scene  funny was that both Tony Stark and Thor didn’t laugh when Rhodes delivered the epic climax his  story, however, later on during the party Rhodes retold the same story to another group of party guest but this time with a different outcome, the group chuckled after Rhodes delivered the possible exaggerated ending of his adventure. This was the reaction he seeking when he told Stark and Thor the story. The Stan Lee cameos are always funny and always welcome. The Captain America and Falcon (Sam Wilson portrayed Anthony Mackie) scene was  short but the discussion between Cap and Falcon had undertones to the Winter Soldier storyline. The group trying to lift Thor hammer is funny every time I see it. These small delicate group interactions are absolutely beautiful written by Joss Whedon. You can feel that the actors have developed such a great chemistry together. This entire scene was pack full rich character development and storyline sub-plots. Just awesome!


5. Avengers Side Scroll Freeze-This amazing moment appeared during the Avengers battle in the opening forest battle at the Hydra outpost in Sokovia. This kickoff scene had action from wall to wall. The entire Avenger’s team are given a moment to shine. I think by starting the film off with the Avengers in full action was an absolutely great choice to get the movie crowd into the movie right off the bat. This scene grabs one of the top five choices on the list easily. This entire scene was nicely filmed but the action that really evaluated this comicbook moment was pure awesomeness. This comicbook  moment happened when the Avengers leap toward the bad guys in a slow motion side-scroll-freeze frame attack. This was off the chart awesome! This moment will truly be a DVD and DVR replay freeze frame moment. It truly put a smile on my face!


4. Captain America Shield Action-I can’t even count the many times Cap wielded his shield toward the bad guys with amazing accuracy, was just freaking amazing. It felt like a comicbook come to life watching Cap tossing, smashing and bouncing his shield with ease off the bad guys was epic. To take Cap’s shield action even further off the chart were a few scenes in which he collaborated with his Avengers teammates, Thor and Black Widow. In the opening scene Cap and Thor did a tag team combo attack by Thor’s smashing on Cap’s shield knocking down a entire squad of enemies on their butts. The other cool Cap shield combo  moment was with Black Widow near the end of the movie! Some of his Cap’s shield action will need several views to truly respect the action. I almost forgot the downtown highway slugfest between Ultron and Cap on top of the semi-truck also had a few cool shield combo action moments.


3. Ultron- James Spader really gave a awe-inspiring voice performance  for one of the most complex villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ultron had some great one-liners throughout the movie. The creation of Ultron was awesome just because I’m a tech geek and loved how Ultron was introduced. Granted his creation felt rush but the character was just intimidating each time he was on screen. I like the scene where Ultron sliced off the arms dealer Ulysses Klaue arm, portrayed by the amazing Andy Serkis. Ultron with sarcasm tell Klaue he was sorry about cutting his arm off and Ultron followed that line with a “I’m sure you will be okay…” After decapitating Klaue arm off. I almost busted my gut with laughter. Another great moment from Ultron was the instance when the Avengers team first met up with Ultron inside Klaue’s ship hull in Africa. I can’t remember what Cap told Ultron but I think it was along the lines  of what were his plans for acquiring the vibranium. Ultron jokily replied, “I guess this is the part where I tell you all my evil plans…” This was such great writing by Joss Whedon. We see so many movies where the bad guy goes into an entire spill telling the good guys their entire plans to only defeat the villain  later. Whedon gives the movie audience a nice wink with that basic element of writing. Ultron was an all around villain who was not just funny but menacing. I really feared for our heroes; because you have to think in a sense of how would the Avengers defeat such an intelligent villain. My only negative with Ultron was how he was defeated. I could deal with his demise but I figured he would put up a better fight. His death  scene with Vision in the forest was a solid ending to a truly well develop antagonist.


2. Vision-I was nervous when I heard that the Vision would appear in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron. How could Marvel accurately portray this classic character on film successfully? Film is a complete different show compared to comicbooks. There was no need to worry because Team Whedon did an extremely great job bringing this Marvel character to the big screen. The Vision was portrayed by the stellar Paul Bethany who is also the voice of Stark’s artificial intelligence computer J.A.R.V.I.S. Paul plays the artificial intelligent Vision with such regal and tenderness. You watch his actions as he discover the new world around him. I really like the subtle scene when he gives himself a cape by copying Thor’s cape. Whedon lets the character actions show character development instead of long exposition to get his story across. The scene is at Stark’s Avengers tower, right before the final showdown with Ultron. This scene is another example of great writing. The scene set up is the entire Avengers team were standing around trying to determine if the Vision can be trusted against Ultron. At the beginning of the film at Stark victory party, Thor challenge the guys to try to lift Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer). Mjolnir has  somewhat of a  security feature that will not allow no living being to lift the hammer unless they are worthy. The guys fail to move Thor’s hammer from the table except Cap makes it wiggle slightly. So lets go back to the Vision at Stark tower and the team still standing around debating if the Vision can be trusted. With no effort what so ever the Vision picks up Thor hammer and gives it to him to everyone amazement, proving the Vision was trust worthy to join the team. Whedon holds the shot a few seconds to let “us” the movie audience enjoy the moment. Again, another great moment where you let character development, story and themes tell the story. This was a brilliant moment in the film. It was great writing yet funny how the Vision just walked off screen like what are we still doing standing around talking about my loyalties, it’s time to go kick Ultron butt! Just awesome!

1 . Final Team Battle-The final act of the Avengers 2 was awesome. We had everything thrown at the screen. The entire third act was chaos, we had Ultron and his evil bot army, town destruction and a freaking flying city. Here is the scenario; Ultron has used the vibranium he got from Africa to launch the Sokovia city skyward , with evil intentions to send it crashing to ground causing global extinction. With everything on the line Cap assemble the team  around the central machine operational  mechanism that was sending the city hurdling upward. Here the Avengers make a final stand against Ultron and his legion of robot army. If the freeze-frame battle from the beginning of the movie was cool this ultra-freeze-frame scene steals the show. You have all the Avengers in full action in an eye pleasing extravaganza. This will unquestionably be one of the moments that will need to be replayed on the DVR and DVD. Words can’t even describe this scene to give it justice. The special effect editing has the scene pause; freeze frame and speed up as the action unfold before your eyes. Just mesmerizing as the Avengers open up a can WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin whoop a**! Worth the price of the admission alone, just amazing!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen the top 5 EPIC moments in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Agree or disagree share your thoughts in the comments.

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