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What’s The Next Trillion Dollar Market?

Posted by: on Jan 19, 2017 | No Comments

I often wonder what will be the next trillion dollar markets. I think space exploration will be a trillion dollar market, I think chat bots could be a trillion dollar market as well.   I also think the medical space has some interesting technologies coming on the horizon such as nanobots and self healing tech. Lastly, I think artificial intelligence has a huge upside to be a trillion dollar market. So if I could break the artificial intelligent market down further “Instant Creation” can be just as huge.


So in three short years I had zero dollars and a idea, now fast forward 2017 I have a working artificial intelligent OTON X A.I  prototype which we will continue to improve and evolve. Think about this, imagine a system that’s smart enough to help you code, create games, educate our kids, help build websites, provide customer support and manage your daily task. This is what I’m working toward a system  that can change the world. Now wouldn’t that be amazing. I think so…

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Guest post by D. Samuels OTON Creator.

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