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TechGeniux Top 8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website!

Posted by: on May 29, 2015 | No Comments

Over the past 10 years I had to learn a few ingenious ways to drive traffic to my websites with $0 dollars. I had a few opportunities where I was lucky enough to hit a few viral home runs. My first viral homerun came in 2006 with a single press release and the help of a super cool IGN writer. With just my press release I pitched at the 2006 E3 Expo Show I received over 1 million hits on my website. That was definitely a good week with traffic at an all time high but unfortunately I wasn’t ready for all that new found traffic hitting my site. The traffic came in waves for a full week. I replicated the technique again with great success. I have seen several viral avalanches of traffic many more times throughout my tech career. I used these same basic strategies and techniques still to this day. I want to share a few tips I used and some new ideas I picked up the last few years in business. Regardless, no matter what your service or product offering, you need good strategies to increase traffic to your website. So here are a few tips to help boost your web traffic. Drum roll…..

1. Killer headlines. You need a killer headline to grab your potential readers or customer’s attention. This will be the first thing readers will see. The first rule works for press releases, tweets and Facebook post. You need to grab the reader attention quickly. This will take practice with trial and error. I try to keep my headlines or pitch post to fewer than 140 characters similar to a tweet. People don’t have all day or the time to read long tweets or post. Keep it simple and eye catching. An awesome headline will dramatically increase your views when shared on social networks or headlining a press release. Make sure you headline/killer pitch has a good call to action tagline to get the ball moving quickly. Example: Limited time only, incredible half off jewelry sale today!


2. Keep it simple. When posting on social networks about your products or services you have to keep it simple. Studies have shown that people attention span is significantly shorter today. So you have to get your message across in the simplest method without bogging down potential new clients or customers. I have seen people who use confusing social pitches when they share a tweet or Facebook post. Keep it simple to score the homerun for your business!

3. Paid advertisement. I can’t stress this rule enough. The internet is nothing like it was 10 years ago. People protect their traffic channels like Fort Knox. So don’t be afraid to purchase ads from Facebook or StumbleUpon. You can purchase over 1000 new visitors to your site with just $20 using StumbleUpon ads. Facebook also has an ad service you can use to boost your business fan page post. I spent $100 to $10 for traffic to get new potential visitors to my site. Have a killer headline, something simple post and $20 bucks can get your post going viral with a nice furry of traffic. There are several ways to advertise your business without losing an arm and leg. Services like Retargeter, Reddit, LinkedIn ads, Yelp ads and Google Adwords work well depending on your budget and target audience. Also, look into connect with podcast managers to get your service mentioned during their podcast. Ads do cost money. We all love free stuff and free ads. I’m all for free ads but at the end of the day sometime you have to spend a little money to make some money to get better results. Believe it or not but ads also gave our clients a boost in traffic too only for a few bucks per post (Shameful plug).

4. Giveaways & Contest: Giveaways and contest can get be great ways to drive traffic to your site. I did a few successful giveaways over the last few years with great success. Giveaways can help produce new leads, new sales and great customer feedback. People love to get free stuff. The key is to make sure the service or product you plan giving away is worth the time. I see giveaways as a loss leader item. You need awesome giveaway prize to grab people attention, so you may offer something that you don’t mind taking a loss on for now, for a big win later. Now remember, all new leads through giveaways are good leads however, the goal is to get the new lead to your website. So don’t drag the giveaway out for months. Make the contest or giveaway a short time deal. I usually do 15 to 30 days when operating a giveaway. Use an email client like Mailchimp to capture emails and sending updates via newsletter. I think the return on investment (ROI) is worth doing an awesome giveaway promotion! You can find several online giveaways and contest services online. Services like, Launch and manage your next giveaway in minutes with no coding required. If you can copy/paste, you can use Rafflecopter. and you can also use Randompicker. Use Random Picker if you need to choose winners of your competition, contest, raffle, sweepstake, to draw from fans, Twitter followers or survey participants. You can even conduct sport drawing for tournaments, knockout competitions or create random teams. Use contest and giveaways as a way to gauge metrics and brand awareness.

5. Be Creative. This one is simple but I see most people phoning this one in when it come to promoting a new service or product. Listen, people are smarter today than yesterday, so ideas that you used 5 years ago may not work today. I’m not saying trash all the basic or fundamental ideas to drive traffic to your site but doing the same old strategies is setting yourself up for failure. You have to be creative when promoting your goods or service. The entire process has to be simple for the customer. I see people with long URL for their sites. Long URL’s that no one will remember or dull images of the product. When I post anything on social media I try to add a cool picture to capture the reader. You don’t need a super cool image all the time but it sure does help paint the visual of what you’re trying to sell. People are visual, and pictures help capture the excitement of your promotion, services or product. Think of new creative ways to get people excited about what you are offering. Example: Every 10th customer that order (product or service) will get a (FREE) something. Offer good only for today! Be creative!

Elementary school classroom
6. Social proposition. I see so many entrepreneurs miss use their social network daily. What I learned is that people will “LIKE” the birth of a new baby or a special moment in a friends or family member life with ease which is definitely understandable. However, when you pitch your new service or business opportunity the “Likes” or “Tweets” are far and between sometime. Why? People understand a sales pitch. So you have to be creative and give them a reason to care. Give them a reason why they need to buy your product. What is your product value proposition? Understand why potential new customers need your product or service and once you understand why, leverage your social networks for new leads and sales. Use simple, creative, killer headlines and giveaways to engage the new customer. I built my new TechGeniux Twitter account with only 6 followers initially but later grew it to over 1,700 plus followers in a few days with a few simple strategies. Remember, you have to build relationships to leverage your social network. Once you create a few relationships you can offer your value proposition to new leads or customers.

7. Press Release. I see so many people complain that press releases are no longer needed in this new age of social networking. To a certain degree, this is true but at the end of the day large companies still use this platform to get the news out about their new product or services. I’m more in between on press releases if used correctly. Here are a few key reasons I still use a press release from time to time. 1.) Backlinks in search engines. I know Google has made changes to its algorithm but backlinks and SEO techniques are still important. I use PR Web to do my press releases. I really like the backlink SEO footprint their releases leave on the Internet. 2.) Get your release in the hands of the key press people in your market. I see entrepreneurs miss opportunities because they fail to put in a few hours of work to get the press to cover their business. If you can grab a few websites to share your product or services on their high traffic site you improve your rate of success dramatically. Just keep your release short, under 500 words, simple and hitting all the important points about your product or services. Remember to pitch your service or product to the media 30 days before you go live to secure a possible media coverage for your business. A killer headline and killer opening paragraph of your press release will get the writer excited to share your story. I saw a single press releases drive millions of views to websites within a few hours. 3.) Last, your press release is giving prospects a clear idea on what you are offering in a single release. You can also use your blog like a press release without going the traditional method. A good release will cost around $350 or a basic release will cost $99. I think it’s worth it. You can also use free press release services or try different paid press releases services. Here is a link of people I wrote on how clever entrepreneurs used creative and killer ideas to make millions, The Top 5 Weirdest Ideas That Made Millions!

8. Hire someone. Don’t be afraid or too cheap to hire a good professional social or business consultant to help you get results. I have no shame and can admit when something is over my head. I have hired several great people over the years to help me get buzz or do social media engagement. The service can be expensive but it’s well worth the money, plus you learn new techniques and strategies you can use in the future. Hire someone to handle your business Facebook page, increase your Twitter followers or help with ad purchases. It’s going to save you time, money and possibly send a few leads to your business. I’m here to help, so if you need help with your business feel free to reach out to me (Last shameful plug).

9. Bonus: Research. Read. Learn. I can’t stress this one enough. If you have any intentions of drive traffic to your website and operate in the black you have to read and research. I see so many entrepreneurs fail to do research. I’m not sure why either because everything is on the web for free! I understand everyone isn’t like me; I love to learn, read and research daily. Research your market by use short key words or phrases. You can now literately type exactly the thoughts (keywords) or phrase bouncing in your head into the Google search and find answers and key searches based on the information you plugged into the Google search.


I hope this article was helpful and help my business minded friends or new readers become successful with a few of these techniques. Nothing comes easy and it does take time to get traction but every once in awhile you can get lucky and go viral with a few of these methods. Remember , all successful campaigns don’t end in hordes of cash in your hands but brand awareness and new sales leads are also good indicators of a successful traffic strategies working. If you have any questions, please subscribe to TechGeniux and I’ll be more than happy to help!

*The writer, with over 10 years experience in the tech space, Derrick Samuels is also the CEO of EnGeniux, creator of the first autonomous game console called OTON, and writer and editor of

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