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How Toptal can help your business

Posted by: on Feb 26, 2015 | No Comments

Today, any business at some point will need a software developer. Anything runs on technology and owning a business doesn’t mean to have to be unilateral developed in a way to know how software development needs to be done. It is the reason companies like Toptal emerged so that they can do this job for you. They gather the best specialists this domain can offer, in one single place. You won’t need to hire an entire team to take care of your problems. One freelance developer will take your assignment and fulfill it from start to end. Toptal can offer developers in Android domain, C#, iOS, Java and JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.

Looking for a developer to create the next Twitter or Facebook for you is a challenge. A well skilled team of developers  or developer can be the difference between winning and losing. For a startup you may need to hire a staffing platform to assist you to find the best people for your project. You have other staffing companies such as oDesk, Elance and Guru that can assist with hiring developers. I worked in the software business for over 10 years and it’s hard to find  great developers with a proper interview process in place. What you need to do, as a business owner that need these types of services, is to get in contact with Toptal and tell them what kind of job you need to get done.  Later in the post I will give a detail explanation why Toptal is a step above other staffing platforms. Let’s start with the obvious, the Toptal team will locate the best freelance software engineer to tackle your complex development requirements. You can relax easy knowing that you will only get the best professional developers in the industry. How? Only about 3% of all engineers that apply on Toptal are accepted to represent the company. With similar staffing platforms I’m sure there are certain criteria for developers but I think Toptal took it a step further with better hiring guidelines. The Toptal team has a very advanced filter and selection methods to make sure that the people they recommend can face any challenge.

As the COO and co-founder of Toptal, Breanden Beneschott, recent quote: “Toptal is a global network of the top 3% of freelance software engineers. We work together to build great software for top companies like Airbnb, Artsy, Zendesk, and JPMorgan. Our wide range of clients includes start-ups, hedge funds, hospitals, universities, etc., and everyone at Toptal is a senior developer. There are Toptalers from MIT, Stanford, CERN, and Google, as well as Top 100 Rails contributors, Django committers, authors, etc. We’re engineers, and we look for great problem solvers with personality and drive — the types of people we’d want to work with (and learn from) ourselves.” So these guys choose those freelancers to be their partners, you can be sure your job will be done in the best possible way. Only the most skilled and dedicated software engineers have the privilege of being a part of this team. And as you can see, reputable companies already enjoy the benefits Toptal is bringing them.

Full disclosure, we have a Toptal banner on the TechGeniux site because after working with key people at the company for my last minute small project I experience first hand the  professionalism working with the Toptal staff.  With that said, I had the opportunity to test the Toptal service first hand  last week. The process was simple and the Toptal staff was extremely professional. I think the big selling point for me is that you can interview potential developers but also have a “Toptal Project Manager” help you manage and locate  the best possible candidate for your particular task or project. I think helping the client find potential developers within itself is a absolute win  for busy business owners or indie startups that don’t have the time to search for qualified developers. From my memory my Toptal manager had us a developer to interview withing 24 hours.  Due to my tight time-frame in which I needed a developer I wasn’t able to secure a developer.  I didn’t get my project completed but that was completely my fault due to a change of plans from my client. The price can be competitive but if you want top tier service and quality you have to pay for the best developers. At this point my experience with Toptal was better than expected and I definitely plan to use these guys for my more complex projects in the near future.

It is hard today to come up with something new in the technological era or develop software that is engaging and presentable for the final user. It is the reason you need the best engineer for this matter. Toptal ensures developers for any technology, in any part of this world. It doesn’t matter where your business is located, because the team will find a solution to solve your issue. With Even if that means to send a developer over with an airplane. Having a Toptal engineer in your development team means that he will offer all his knowledge to make your team stronger and more reliable. So not only that your software requirements will be solved, but you will have a better-trained development team, ready to help your company with a new perspective. With all that said, try different platforms and judge for yourself the best solution for your business or startup.

*Full Disclosure-My site has Toptal affiliate banner. This post was based on my opinion and experience of service from Toptal. If anything changes with future development I will be sure to come back with a update. TechGeniux blog wasn’t create to hurt business with bad press, our goal is to bring the fun back to technology. End of disclosure.

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