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Top 10 Popular Toys of the 1980’s !

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Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube


Today’s article is a blast from the past. For today’s list I will list the top 10 popular toys of the 1980’s. You can imagine a list on this topic will definitely leave off a few fan favorites. See a toy that should be on the list scream at us, fax us or send a carrier pigeon our way with what toy you feel should be on the list! The list will not include any game consoles, electric devices or board games. With all that said let’s take a trip down memory lane again back to the 1980’s!




10. LEGO- Who can forget about the LEGO blocks of the 1980’s. LEGO blocks were hours and hours of fun. The LEGO toy was born in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen. Mr. Christian was a carpenter by trade from Billund, Denmark, who began making wooden toys in 1932. In 1954 Christiansen’s son, Godtfred, had become the managing director of the Lego Group. With a trip overseas, Mr. Godtfred had a conversation with a toy buyer and during this meeting Mr. Godtfred saw the enormous potential in Lego bricks to become a system for creative play. During 1978 the company introduced minifigures and other fun creative elements to increase the toys popularity that continued throughout the 1980’s!


9. My Buddy (and Sister)-The My Buddy toy line was created by Hasbro in 1985 with a marketing effort to make a doll that appealed to boys. Who can forget the My Buddy theme song?
“My Buddy, My Buddy, wherever I go, he goes. My Buddy, My Buddy, I’ll teach him everything that I know. My Buddy and me, Like to climb up a tree. My buddy and me, we’re the best friends that could be. My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy and Me!”


8. My Little Pony-Here is another Hasbro creation, and yes, I still remember the song after almost 30 years. This 1980’s toy was marketed toward girls and introduced in 1983. My sister had a few My Little Pony toys, and I must say, it wasn’t a bad toy because she had a quite a few. Even to this day, the My Little Pony brand is still alive and kicking. With news of a feature-length film from Hasbro and Allspark Pictures coming soon with a release date sometime in 2017, I don’t see this brand going away anytime soon.

super soaker


7. Super Soaker- The Super Soaker was invented in 1982 by engineer Lonnie Johnson. The Super Soaker is produced by Hasbro under the Nerf brand; Super Soaker has generated more than $1 billion in total sales. Even to this day the Super Soaker is still as popular as it was during the 1980’s. In November 2013, Lonnie Johnson and his company Johnson Research and Development Co. were awarded nearly US$73 million following a dispute with Hasbro over underpaid royalties from 2007 to 2012.


6. Teddy Ruxpin- The talking teddy bear has cracked our top 10 of the most popular toys of the 1980’s! Teddy Ruxpin was introduced in September 1985 by Worlds of Wonder but the toy maker filed for bankruptcy and Hasbro continued to produce this popular toy from 1991 to 1996. The Teddy Ruxpin toy licenses have seen many toy makers after Hasbro. different toy makers have produce different versions of everyone’s favorite talking teddy bear.

Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube

5. Rubik’s Cube-Just so we’re clear, I never successful solved a Rubik’s Cube to save my life! This insane popular 1980’s brain teaser is still going strong in the 2000’s! The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Emo Rubik. I seen people solving the Rubik’s Cube blind folded on YouTube videos and I can’t even solve the cube with both my eyes opened! This admired 80’s toy will continue to bring fun and turmoil to many toy fans for many years to come.


4. Cabbage Patch Kids- This popular toy took the 1980’s by storm! The Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of dolls created by American art student Xavier Roberts in 1978. The dolls were originally called “Little People”. In 1982 Coleco produced dolls until it had to file for bankruptcy. Several toy makers have produced Cabbage Patch Kids from Hasbro and Mattel.The popularity of these dolls in the 80’s seen parents and collectors going crazy to purchase sold-out dolls!


3. Masters of the Universe- I must confess, I’m a diehard Master of the Universe fan. The Master of the Universe action figures were among the most toys in my geek toy chest. The He-Man concept was created by Roger Sweet. The animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was produced by Filmation and made its television debut in 1983. The series ran from 1983 to 1985. Like most of the admired toys on this list the Master of the Universe is still going strong among collectors and fans of the original toy line and animated TV series.The word around the Internet is a new feature-length film is on the way soon.


2. G.I Joe-The number two spot belongs to Joe…G.I. Joe! Here is another one of my all time favorite toys from the 1980’s. Among the many Master of the Universe action figures in my 1980’s toy chest I had many # inch Joe figures. G.I. Joe was created in the 1960’s by Hasbro. Originally the toys were marketed to boys and were 12 inches. After the Adventure G.I Joe toy line ran its course and international licenses ended, Hasbro relaunch the toy in 1982 with the standard 3 inch figures. The toy success still continues to this day with comic-books, posters, video games and feature-length films. Like many cool 80’s toys on this list don’t expect G.I. Joe to disappear anytime soon. Yo Joe!


1. Transformers-Drum roll please…the number one popular toy from the 1980’s is the one and only, the Transformers generation 1 toy line! The Transformers generation one appeared in 1984 to 1993. The Transformers began with the 1980s Japanese toy lines Microman and Diaclone. With the success of the G.I. Joe toy line, Hasbro bought the Diaclone toys, and partnered with Takara. The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons begun and the 1980’s would never be the same! Let me share a quick memory, I remember vividly coming home after school to watch G.I. Joe, Thunder C.A.T.s and Transformers. Those were the days ladies and gentlemen.  Yes, you guested it…I had a store vault of Transformers toys in 1980’s. When I signed up for the Marine Corps in 1993 and returned home a few years later all my toys were gone. I never had a chance to ask my mother what ever happened to my treasure trove of awesome 1980’s toys. Memory lane thought over, sorry. Back to the article.


The Transformers animated TV series popularity growing and the toy line popularity grew. Transformers: The Movie (spoiler alert) was released which saw the death of the toy line favorite Transformer, Optimus Prime. The  moment Prime died deeply hurt this writer but I have to tip my hat to such a bold move by the movie producers and writers. From comic-books to the current feature-length film (no comment) the brand is still popular today among fans of many ages. “Autobots transform and roll out”! Tell me who doesn’t love when Prime utter that classic tagline! Look for us to do a more detail review of Transformers the Movie in the future.
I know we left off a few fan favorites and we hope to revisit this list with maybe a top 20 in the future. I hope you enjoyed the 10 most popular 1980’s toys. Agree or disagree let us know.

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