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Is Time Travel Possible?

Posted by: on Mar 20, 2015 | No Comments

Time travel has remained one of the most fictitious fantasies of human beings for long. In different entertainment films, it is fantasized by showing men travelling from one time to another. It becomes a matter of extreme happiness and success if one becomes able to travel from one time span to another. For instance, it describes to let a man be travelled in the past where he is interested to go. In entertainment films, it is illustrated that a machine is used for this purpose.

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Well, the reality of this fact varies a bit. It is because we all are continuously travelling in time to move forward. For instance, the clock only moves ahead. Since long time, scientists are in continuous efforts to create a leap of time in the past or future. But in real terms, the phenomenon is much more complicated as it is shown in fiction films. It is not only about pressing a red button on the time machine and jump into the time when the pyramids of Egypt were being built. It is an admitted fact that the clock runs with the speed of 60 minutes per hour. The question is to reduce or increase the speed of catches of a clock. Several theories have been presented so far that describe about the characteristics of time. The adjustment of clock has automatically been set according to the speed by which earth revolves around the sun. The entire solar system is involved in adjustment of time.

In this regard, the theory of Albert Einstein plays an important role in the correspondence of time travel. He presented the theory of “Special Relativity” in the 20th century. It describes an entirely explicit scenario of that what is experienced in our everyday life. It also explains the relative time span mobility when it comes to compare the motion of one object with space time objects. It is quite surprising, but science has endorsed the integrity of this theory. Yet there is no further association in the connection of pursuance of this theory. It has sufficiently surprise the scientific concepts yet there is no sound grounds to reject the theoretical bases. Einstein has offered another remarkable contribution in this regard which is known as, “General Relativity”. This theory explicates that the objects present in gravity field move slower. For example, time involved in movement of objects present on earth is more than the fields where no gravity exists. There is no reason available that could justify the difference. Currently it is based upon “as it is”. Everyone has accepted the substance, but no reason has been identified behind this phenomenon.

NASA is also indulged in several projects through space servers. Till current time, time travel is not possible. But several foreseeable events have opened new avenues to develop advanced mechanics, but chances of traveling in past are very less. Time leap in future may be exercised keeping in view the fast time lapsing in non gravitational fields. No concrete inferences may be drawn in this regard as well. So do you think its possible to time travel? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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