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Entrepreneur Tony Gauda Creates Data Security Platform ThinAir!

Posted by: on May 19, 2015 | No Comments

At TechGeniux we pride ourselves on trying to find inspirational, revolutionary and  exciting new tech news and companies that we think our audience would enjoying reading about. With all that said, today the spotlight is on ThinAir. ThinAir is an intelligent endpoint data security platform that gives users and administrators the power to protect and manage their data.  I would like to share more some information on this amazing new platform created by startup entrepreneur Tony Gauda but before we discuss ThinAir, let’s take a look at Tony’s previous startup  venture called Bitcasa. Tony Gauda was the co-founder and creator of  Bitcasa in 2011. Tony created Bitcasa to provide unlimited storage for users. Tony introduced Bitcasa after it was a finalist at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in September 2011. In June 2012 Bitcasa closed their series A round of funding, which totaled $9 million. The company’s investors included: CrunchFund, Pelion Venture Partners, Horizons Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Samsung Ventures and First Round Capital. Bitcasa had over 50,000 people signed up for the beta in the first 24 hours when it initially launched. Upon Bitcasa introduction, I was inspired and excited to see another entrepreneur create such an amazing and ingenious platform for allowing unlimited storage. Around 2013 Mr. Tony Gauda left the (Bitcasa Inc.) company he created. On his personal blog he wrote, “This chapter of my life has come to an end. Excited to turn the page and looking forward to what’s next.”

Watch this ThinAir demo video at DEMO Enterprise 2014:

With those words Mr. Tony Gauda moved on to the next chapter in his life with ThinAir in 2014. ThinAir is a storage platform that protects client data and allows administrators to take control over their data. From the company’s perspective, ThinAir is a high performance distributed storage delivered as a dead simple and highly durable managed service. The company’s patent pending technology marries local performance with unlimited cloud scale at pennies per GB. Capacity planning, backups, performance tuning, and snapshotting are relics of the past.

ThinAir Vision: Today, data security is the responsibility — and an imperative — for all of us. More than 3,000 US companies were victims of cyber attacks last year, with millions of individual consumers affected and billions of dollars lost as a result. Every day, petabytes of proprietary data is left unprotected, open to compromise. To date, the threat of attacks has outpaced the technology to defend against them. That’s why we built ThinAir. It’s the first endpoint data security solution that allows everyone—administrators and employees alike—to take control over their most sensitive data in a way that enhances, not hinders their productivity.

I think Mr. Gauda has a great idea with ThinAir. The idea that allow you the “user” to have complete control of your data is a win for end-users and system administrators. With on going security breaches happening regularly, companies and users need a means to secure their data at all end points. Yes, an intelligent data solution is definitely a welcome tool to fight hacks and security breaches in a ever changing world. To learn more about ThinAir visit

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