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IT Startup Tanium Joins The $1 Billion Valuation Club!

Posted by: on Jun 3, 2015 | No Comments

In this complex business world growth lies in expansion and in today’s time through proper networking of each and every point, especially the front-ends. Now frontends are the points from where the actual wealth generation stars and also that are the most vulnerable points. Internal and external network security configuration of any organization is the burning issue, where the latest company to reach billion dollar mark has stamped their mark. Tanium is headed by father and son duo who worked on Tanium for five years in secret starting in 2007 before unveiling the technology. The father and son team worked together for 18 years on another platform they developed called Bigfix.

“Tanium” an IT systems management and technical security provider is offering reliable and competitive services for various vendors. It is 18 years the story of the great company started and they are the latest tech company to go past $ 1 billion in terms of valuation. It seems people are reinvesting in this new melting pot like Andreessen Horowitz reinvested $52million on top of $90 million last year. The new funding shows the value of Tanium standing at $1.75 billion, up from $900 million last year. The company’s signature product for System Management is a platform which allows companies access and control their computing endpoints, servers, laptops, etc. The platform helps to find problems in seconds, using peer-to-peer architecture program, which otherwise would have taken days or months to find out the problem in a network. This could be the only reason why biggest American companies are lining up and close to get their investment into this golden goose. Half of the top 100 US corporate, including 5 of the 10 top American banks and 4 of the top 10 retailers are their clients. Presently it is a debt free company with cash in hand is in excess of $100 million.


In picture: Orion Hindawi (Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer) and his father David Hindawi (Co-founder/CEO of Tanium)

The enrich vision stated in 1997 when the father-son duo opened a company in IT Management sector , called BigFix and later sold it to IBM for $400 million. The fund is utilized to start Tanium, with the security as the main concern for the IT Management platform in widest and largest networks. The endpoints of any business networks are the wealth generator and also the most vulnerable point. The security management solution provides a 15 second visibility and control over these points even with the largest networks. To ensure the long term growth and to expand overseas the Tanium had announced new security and patching product on the original architecture platform. Tanium’s reputed clients now include many large organizations from which at least half of them are the top 100 biggest U.S. companies according to the revenue generation, with top five banks and retailers. It is believed that Tanium will continue to grow in the coming years.

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