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Super Bogus World 2

Posted by: on Apr 15, 2019 | No Comments

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It’s not every day that a computer game comes out for computer

Super bogus world 2. That’s not a name that you hear every day. I’ll say it again–Super Bogus World 2. An epic collection of over three-hundred and thirty-five minigames is coming your way soon from HUBOLHUBOLHUBOL and Oddwarg. The game boasts such features as:

  1. Naviagate a massive world full of excitement and unique characters
  2. Participate in occult rituals to revive the dead
  3. Relive retro game classics with new spins and takes–Pac-Man, etc
  4. Go to the worm disco and watch worms kiss!

Since the start of its development in 2014, not much has been known about this secretive project until now. TechGeniux will be the source of many exclusive scoops on Super Bogus’ World. Watch this page for updates regarding the game!

[The developers] have been working on it really hard

Developing over three hundred minigames is no easy feat–which is why when we heard of “Super Bogus World 2″ we had to interview them and see what it was like.

It’s not easy. It’s simply not easy. If it were easy, I would tell you. But it’s just not that easty. (sic)

The developers have been struggling to populate their game with content. They cited the need for autonomous AI in game development:

It would be a lot easier for us if OTON could generate the rest of the game. We’re worried it will take another year without OTON

Despite the content-related setbacks, the developers are planning an exciting cross-platform full-content release with a special conference coming up soon. We are hoping to also announce some Super Bogus World 2 features that are compatible with the OTON Infinity.

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Full disclosure: Hubol is a lead developer on Super Bogus World 2

    Hubol Persson-Gordon has been developing computer games, making short films, and composing music for over a decade. He received his bachelor's in computer science from the university. He is honored to be able to make posts on techgeniux alongside his idol, Derrick Samuels, the creator of the OTON Infinity. In his free time, Hubol enjoys working on his art, performing music, and making posts on techgeniux.
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