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Crazy Street Fighter Elevator Prank!

Posted by: on Jun 22, 2015 | No Comments

The TechGeniux team loves a good prank from time to time and this Street Fighter 2 prank is hilarious. Street Fighter is still one of my favorite games. This prank is a play on the original version of the game but done to real people on an elevator. I’m not sure if this is staged or real but what I do know its a funny video. The video was produced by Dose of Fousey YouTube channel.  Check out the video below.

Game History: Street fighter 2 is a competitive fighting game originally released for the arcades in 1991. It is the second entry in the Street Fighter series and the arcade sequel to the original Street Fighter released in 1987. It is Capcom’s fourteenth title that runs on the CP System arcade hardware. Street Fighter II improves upon the many concepts introduced in the first game, including the use of command-based special moves and a six-button configuration, while offering players a selection of multiple playable characters, each with their own unique fighting style, and introducing a combo system and competitive multiplayer combat between two players. (Source Wikipedia)


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