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Who Are The 10 Most Popular Star Wars Characters Ever?

Posted by: on Apr 24, 2015 | No Comments

Get the pitch forks and fire ready. With all the buzz surrounding the new Stars Wars: The Force Awakens release later this year had me thinking more about Star Wars lore. My thoughts wondered who were the most popular Star Wars characters ever. So today let’s take a shot at naming the top 10 popular Star Wars characters using episodes 1 thru 6. Before the flame wars kick off in the comments this list does not include the Expanded Universe. This countdown will be strictly based on the films, minus the Star Wars Christmas specials. This will be a very challenging poll to write with just 10 spots open. With all that said let’s start the countdown to discover Who Are The 10 Most Popular Star Wars Characters Ever? Spoiler alert…Jar Jar Binks does not  make this list (sorry). Drum roll……

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10. Chewbacca- Let’s start this list off with our favorite Wookie. What list would be complete without Han Solo best bud. Chewbacca is over 200 years old and looks awesome in the new Star Wars Awakens teaser trailer but what a few fans do not  realize is that a Wookie can live for 400 years so Chewbacca has a few years to go before he’ll need “Just For Men” hair dye for his fur! Chewbacca hails from the planet Kashyyk and even with his medal snub at the end of the Stars Wars: A New Hope he is still a winner in my book. With Chewbacca the Galactic Republic could have easily fell to the evil empire! We await our much loved furry friend next adventures in the new Star Wars Awakens film.


9. R2-D2/C-3P0-(We cheated here with a two for one) Without doubt we have to add our two favorite droids to the list. These two are the best tag team on film. These two are always in the thick of the action and some of the funniest mishaps in the Star Wars universe. I really enjoyed these two in the exceptional 2008 animated Clone Wars TV series. From R2-D2 relaying a vital message from Princess Leia to Obi-Wan Kenobi or C-3PO losing head in the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (film) epic arena Jedi lightsaber overload these two are still among the most popular Star Wars favorites!


8. Emperor Palatine-The Emperor is one of my favorite Sith bad guys and excellently played by the stage actor Ian McDiarmid. I promise I will not mention his full name Sheev Palpatine during this post. Thanks to Robot Chicken, the name “Sheev” will live with me forever. Beyond his hilarious first name, the Emperor cannot be underestimated. The 2014 Clone Wars episode (Netflix) that demonstrates his shear power was the episode he took on Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress. Nothing but badness from the Emperor with him killing Opress and easily defeating Darth Maul. I think Mr. McDiarmid did a outstanding job the entire Star Wars saga but for my money the original films better define this Sith Lord. His Return of the Jedi scenes are among my favorite parts in the series.


7. Princess Leia-This is one lady that can take care of business and look good doing it! Throughout the original Star Wars trilogy she demonstrates why she is a fan favorite. Princess Leia is the sister of Luke Skywalker and the romantic interest of Han Solo. Her father is the dark Sith himself Darth Vader. With her introduction in the Stars Wars: A New Hope I had no idea how awesome her character would be as the story progressed. Leia is portrayed by the loveable actress Carrie Fisher. I think Carrie Fisher was the best actress to play Princess Leia for the balance and strength she brought to the role. She was never afraid to jump in the middle of a battle and knock a few heads. Ask Jabba the Hut if Leia isn’t all business.


6. Boba Fett-Clone or no clone, Boba Fett brief appearance in The Empire Strikes Back and his odd demise in Return of the Jedi makes him among the Star Wars faithful favorite bounty hunter in the series. Boba Fett was portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch and voice dub by Jason Wingreen in the original trilogy . It was revealed in Attack of the Clones that Boba Fett was a clone based on Jango Fett DNA. Many Star Wars fans didn’t really like the idea that Boba Fett was a copy/clone but I think the shoddier snub came when the original voice actor Jason Wingreen voice was dub over by the current prequel Jango Fett voice and actor Temuera Morrison. I personally like Jason Wingreen voice because it seems so menacing and seasoned. It was revealed later that Boba Fett did not die in Return of the Jedi after we all thought he was lunch for the Sarlacc.


5. Darth Maul-When you think of bada** only one character characterize that mantra…Darth Maul the Sith Lord you think about instantly. In 1999 when I seen the first Stars Wars prequel The Phantom Menace trailer with Maul looking bada** I just knew this guy was not to be underestimated. Trained by Darth Sidious in the art of the dark side Darth Maul is all business. Portrayed by the martial artist Ray Park, Maul is a threat to anyone he is task to fight in combat. For my comicbook fans, Darth Maul was sent on a test by Darth Sidious to dismantle the most powerful crime syndicate in the galaxy, The Black Sun. The Black Sun was no match for Darth Maul. These events predated the Phantom Menace which prove vital to truly test his training. You have to love a guy with black cloak, horns and wield a double side lightsaber with maximum effect. During Maul’s epic battle between  Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul would prove he was up to task to take on to Jedi, however, Maul would suffer the same fate Boba Fett did in Jedi…popular characters being killed in the most stupidest way possible. Nevertheless, Darth Maul survives the events of the Phantom Menace to meet back up with his brother Savage Opress in the Clone Wars on Netflix.


4. Yoda-This was definitely a tough call for the number four slot but I went with the Master Jedi Yoda the top guru in the Jedi Order. If Darth Maul is a Sith bada** you can say the same mantra  should be used for the Jedi’s oldest member. Yoda first appeared in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back and voice by legendary voice actor Frank Oz. No other Jedi has the skill or knowledge as Master Yoda. He took on his former student Count Dooku in the second  epic lightsaber dual showdown I personally seen on film up to that point in the Attack of the Clones. I know a few fans were upset that a 800 year old Yoda was flipping and jumping all over place because throughout the series up until that point Yoda couldn’t even move without his walking cane. I believe he called upon the Force to give him the power and strength to fight and defeat his former apprentice plus save Obi-Wan and Anakin butts at the climax of the Attack of the Clones. Master Yoda was able to hold off the evil Count Dooku but failed to stop Darth Sidious from taking control of the Galactic Republic. Regardless of his failure to stop the Empire Master Yoda is still a fan favorite!


3. Luke Skywalker- Let me make this clear and say this upfront…I’m a Luke Skywalker mark. In my book Luke would be higher on this but I know fans of the next guy on the list is more popular based on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer reaction. Luke Skywalker is portrayed by actor Mark Hamill in the original trilogy. Princess Leia is the sister of Luke Skywalker and he is the trusted friend of Han Solo. Like all Star Wars fans I’m curious to see what role Luke will have in the new Star Wars film. He fought the urge to join the dark side and redeem his father Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. Many questions are buzzing the internet on where our favorite Jedi stood after the events of Return of the Jedi.


2. Han Solo-You guessed it; Han Solo is the next fan favorite on our top ten list! Han Solo is portrayed by legendary actor Harrison Ford. Han Solo and Chewbacca are co-pilot of the famous Millennium Falcon spaceship and both are part of the Rebel Alliance which opposed the Galactic Empire. Han Solo mindset in the beginning of the series was one of a loaner. He only cared about what was important to his goals and well being. As the series progress he fell in love with Princess Leia who is portrayed by the amazing actress Carrie Fisher. Their relationship in the beginning was not the best fit for either character but as their relationship evolved and development Leia and Solo grew closer to each other. Their feelings develop further when Solo was captured by Darth Vader in Cloud City in Empire. After the rescue of Han Solo from the wicked gangster Jabba Hutt in the Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Empire their relationship came full circle. Han Solo made our list because he is the every man character but be careful around Han Solo because if you have a disagreement with him  expect him to shoot first!


1. Darth Vader-Did you have the Dark Sith Lord Darth Vader as the number one bada** making our top spot? From the moment we first see Darth Vader in the opening sequence of A New Hope we knew we had a real villain on our hands. Cloaked in all black and voiced by renowned actor James Earl Jones. Darth Vader was portrayed by many actors, Hayden Christensen, David Prowse, Bob Anderson, Sebastian Shaw and Jake Lloyd over the course of six films. What makes Darth Vader such a fan favorite initially started with his introduction as a take no prisoners villain. As the series progress his development as a character evolve to one of a father fighting the urge to redeem himself from the Dark Side with the aid of his son Luke Skywalker. I think a better script, less CGI and different director could have really fleshed out Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader better in the prequels. No disrespect to George Lucas because as a Star Wars fan I still admire his work but the prequels direction was hit and miss. For example take this top ten list, only one prequel character made the list (Darth Maul). Darth Vader is known the world over and will remain a fan favorite forever!

That’s it. I know we left off a few classic characters but this was truly a tough list to put together for only 10 popular characters. I hope with the new Star Wars : The Force Awakens create some new fan favorite characters to cheer on! Tell us what you think in the comments. Did we get the list right or do we need a pitch fork to the gut? Leave the pitch forks and fire in the comments.  Lol!

*Photo Credit:Walt Disney Pictures  Lucasfilm/ Wikepedia



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