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The History Of Spotify

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Spotify is a software made for the commercial market. It is basically a music streaming software where people can access music. Popular labels like Warner Music Group, Universal and Sony have given restricted content on Spotify. You can search the content by genres, albums or artist names. You can also borrow the material.  Spotify was founded in 2006 by Daniel EK. He is the CEO of Spotify. It was officially launched in October 2008 by a Swedish company naming it as Spotify AB. The headquarters of Spotify Ltd is based in London from where it carries out the operations, whereas, the development and research process is carried out in Stockholm. According to surveys and statistics, the Spotify AB had round about 10 million users by September 2010. 2.5 million Users of which had paid subscriptions.


Photo Credit: Jon Åslund profile – Flickr Daniel Ek addressing Spotify staff.

By the end of December 2012, the service had 20 million users with 5 million paid customers. In mid January 2015, Spotify gained remarkable recognition with 60 million users out of which 15 million are paid.  Spotify team and management has worked hard for making the software available in almost every operating system known to date. It is now available on Blackberry, Android, iOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows Desktop and many more. It is not directly available on Windows phones, but you have an option of Spotlite which is a third party application.


Photo Credit: Erik Stattin

On May 18 2010, Spotify announced two more types of accounts that were available for the public. The first was named as Spotify Unlimited, which was a replica of the Premium account and the other Spotify Open. It was a reduced version of the Spotify free account allowing the user 20 hours of music for a whole month.  Spotify announced on 15th April 2011 that it would strikingly cut down and lessen the music that a free user can access. This new rule was implemented from 1st May 2011. The Spotify management stated that the free users would be shifted to a new scheme where they could have access to music for about 10 hours a month. The premium account users were unaffected by this change. In mid June 2011, it was reported that the company had secured a sum of 100 million US dollars, which they were going to use for their launch in the US.  So, now a free user has a limited access to the music world. For complete access, you need to subscribe the service and pay them through master cards or PayPal.

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