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The History Of Soundcloud

Posted by: on Mar 24, 2015 | No Comments

Soundcloud is a sort of a distribution platform for the audio world. The office is in Berlin, Germany. Alexander Ljung is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Eric Wohlforss is the Chief Technical Officer also known as CTO. This platform encourages its users to record their own unique audio and upload it on Soundcloud. With soundcloud on your side, you can promote your stuff also through sharing. The results from December 2014 show that it attracted almost 175 million listeners and for the people uploading, there was a figure of 12 hours per minute. The Soundcloud’s foundation was initially laid in Stockholm, Sweden but was properly established in Germany, Berlin. Ljung and Wahlforss being the founders, allowed the musicians in the beginning to share their music with the world. But after some time, Soundcloud became the platform where these musicians could publish as well as distribute their sound tracks.

As Soundcloud was gaining popularity over a period of time, it had competed with MySpace also and by May 2010, Soundcloud released a statement that it had 1 million subscribers. Just after a year, with huge $10 million Series B investments from Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures, Soundcloud had 5 million users that were registered till June 2011. Renowned actors and investors Guy Oseary and Ashton Kutcher also invested in Soundcloud. Soundcloud was becoming the talk of the town and it had reached a total of 10 million registered users by January 2012. Later, the company announced at a press conference held in San Francisco that it had reached a figure of 15 million users by May 2012. At this very moment, the company was gaining popularity beyond measure and was leveling up at 1.5 million users in a single month.


By December 2012, new version of the site was given to the public with the ease of access from tablets or mobile phones. This new platform had various features like redesigned profiles for users; options for sharing were increased, continuous play, ability to create very personal sets and a few more. These new features attracted a lot of people and the clientele to Soundcloud increased by leaps and bounds. By July 2013, Soundcloud’s users figure reached to 40 million. Apart from these registered users, the people listening to Soundcloud were 20 million a month. Soundcloud is now dedicated fully in launching a paid subscription service in the year 2015.  Soundcloud is thus the most engaging and attracting platform for the musicians for uploading and sharing their stuff. They can log in and start sharing. Promotion is another positive aspect of this site and with the latest features, there is a lot to go for.

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