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Is The SNES The Greatest Game Console Of All Time?

Posted by: on Mar 3, 2015 | No Comments

Today we continue our search for the great game console for all time! Over the last few weeks we did several articles on consoles we think have a chance to become the greatest consoles ever. Past articles include the Sega Dreamcast, PS4 and Atari consoles, however, today we will take a look at another fan favorite game console.  Perhaps there is any video game console enthusiast who did not hear about Nintendo. The Nintendo game consoles have been popular in the past and are popular even now, in the present, through their latest models. Who never heard about the game Super Mario? Any respected video games back in the 1990s played this game at least once. Even if the console was famous, it wasn’t such an easy road to take for its Japanese creators. They had serious competition coming from the Sega Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis, as it was known in Northern America). But let’s take a look at pieces of history about this reputable video game console.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES was first released in its home country, Japan, in 1990. Then it followed North America in 1991, Europe, and Australasia in 1992, and finally South America in 1993. It was the video console number two, released by the Nintendo Company. If we are to compare it to other consoles released in the same period, this one will have advanced graphic and even sound properties, which made it to be preferred among video game players who wanted something fresh. It worked on a 16-bit system, but the fact that it had enhancement chips integrated on circuit boards, gave it a significant advanced compared to other consoles existent on the market, even if SNES appeared much later. Among the games that were released with the console are “Super Mario”, “F-Zone”, “Pilotwings”, “SimCity” and “Grandius III”.

Early concept designs for the Super NES

Early concept designs for the Super NES

Probably the rivalry against Nintendo and Sega is an unforgettable one regarding video game consoles. While Sega’s Genesis console was presented to be the best and coolest choice, with a game variety that wanted to be more mature in the attempt to reach older players, the SNES earned its one step further with the “Street Fighter II” game arcade. The transition from this game to Genesis took more than one year. But even with a head start, a large variety of games and lower prices, the Sega’s Genesis console could not be classified as top preference. “Donkey Kong Country” helped SNES to gain terrain in the 16-bit console competition, but it was still very hard to decide which console has gained leadership for at least a couple of years.
The specification of SNES was rather impressive, given that period. The 16-bit console had powerful graphics at that time and performant sound co-processors, allowing it to simulate 3D effects. The color palette included a number of 32,768 colors, and it had an 8-channel audio system of very high quality. The fact that all these features could be enhanced by chip upgrades, found in each cartridge, was a significant difference between this console and the one created by Sega, who lacked all these characteristics.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System remained among the preferences of players even when the 32-bit generations started to appear. It is still highly appreciated by retro gamers and collectors of video game memorabilia. Gaming excellence stated in 2008 that SNES is the most timeless game console ever, as it exceeded the expectations of that time regarding a video game console performance. The IGN named SNES, in 2009, the fourth best console of all times.

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