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TechGeniux 7 Useful SEO Tips!

Posted by: on May 28, 2015 | No Comments

At TechGeniux we like to share tips and business strategies to help our readers whom operate business or thinking about starting a new business. Today, we have a few tips on SEO techniques. In order to gain online popularity and a visibility on top, many new websites are adopting the trend of search engine optimization. It is a great and a very effective tool to make your website rank higher, but it is not as easy as it seems. Here are 7 useful tips for the search engine optimization.


1. Keyword research
It is the most important aspect for the websites to gain visibility and rank higher in the search engine. The keywords are the ones which are frequently used by the internet audience to search the website. So try to figure out the keywords and improve your chances to rank higher in the list.
2. Optimize technically
The most important thing here is to optimize your website technically and make it easy for the search engine to read the code and text of your website. The structure of the URL should contain characters less than 100 and instead of using the underscores and special characters must have dashes.
3. Easy to use
Make your website easy to find and use for the visitors. Make it attractive for the visitors with informative and relevant content, appealing website design and layout. Quality content, relevant information, smooth and easy navigation from one page to another, and labeling the content are the important factors to keep the audience engaged.
4. Quality content
Create a blog for your company and keep it updated with the fresh, unique and quality content. Utilize the visual content on your website appropriately. Add charts, images and infographics to retain the interest level of your website visitors.
5. Social media technique
A good social media strategy will take your website a long way. Determine your target audience and know on what social media platforms they are most active on, then start promoting your website or business through these platforms. Connect with people who have a huge following on the social media, it will help you share the information quickly.
6. Link building exercise
To improve and make your website credible, you should adhere to exercises that are useful for link building. Guest blogging is a good way for link building exercise.
7. Creating a responsive website
Make your website compatible with a multiple devices like, laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc. this will prove to be a great step to increase the ratings of your website and to get better visibility on various search engines.

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