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Saygus New High-End Android Smartphone Could Be A Gamechanger!

Posted by: on Jun 29, 2015 | No Comments

Should smartphone manufacturers worry about the new Indiegogo project from Saygus called the V SQUARED phone? Maybe…the Saygus V SQUARED could be a  massive disruptor in the smartphone industry. These guys are bringing us the world’s first no-compromise smartphone. The company is boasting 15 exclusive features and technologies new to the market in one device. The V SQUARED features technology such as lag free wireless HD beaming, which allows you to wirelessly stream any content from your phone to any HDTV. The V SQUARED has up to 464GB of localized storage, waterproof technology and much more. This isn’t the company’s first phone. A few years ago (2009) Saygus introduced the Vphone or V1 with some great specs for the time but that phone never reached it’s potential.

I’m a diehard tech geek and the new V SQUARED has some impressive features and benefits that could make a few rumblings in the highly competitive mobile device market. The Saygus team has engineered the V SQUARED with the highest-end components and materials. Beginning with Qualcomm’s 2.5 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon Processor sporting 64 GB of on-board flash storage and dual Micro SD card slots that add another 400 GB of expandable storage. You can’t complain too much with a whopping 464 GB of storage coming right out the door! The phone supports Android 5.1 for the operational system. The specifications are definitely  killer and if the device can successfully silence the non-believers with an equally designed product you may see a new contender in the mobile device space.

V-SQUARED: The V SQUARED brings to you the very best with its 21 MP OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), auto-focus rear camera. Oh, and did we mention that it’s capable of shooting 4k video? Because it does. Well if that wasn’t enough we didn’t stop there, the front facing 13 MP auto-focus camera with OIS allow you to take your selfie game to new heights. The creators of HDMI have teamed up with Saygus to bring you wireless HD beaming. What is that you may ask? This new technology lets the user send HD video wirelessly to any monitor or TV through a 60 Ghz dongle. Providing individuals and businesses with a new wireless viewing and presenting experience in wireless HD, the first of its kind. And because it’s 100% lag free, you can take your gaming to the big screen with confidence.

So far the Saygus Indiegogo campaign project seems like a break out success with over $1 million raised with about 14 days left! Time will only tell if the new V SQUARED will share the same fate as the V1 phone from 2009. Go check out their Indiegogo page for more information on the next generation phone.

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