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Star Wars Fan Film “The Way Of The Saber” Is AWESOME!

Posted by: on Apr 28, 2015 | No Comments


Ready to Strike

With all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens news and teaser dropping  last week the buzz for all things Star Wars is at a fever pitch! Craving more Star wars related news I hop on YouTube to see what Star Wars fans were saying about the new trailer. During my many searches I came across a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan reaction video by producer and video creator Anthony Alba. The video started with Anthony and his family watching the Star Wars Celebrations.  The family was patiently awaiting  the new Star Wars teaser trailer.  In between the waiting Anthony shared a short clip of his new fan made lightsaber duel video that he produced and preformed as one of the dueling urban Jedi. I really enjoy fan made lightsaber battles because of the creative process and passion that is put into the  production. I’ve seen many fan made Star Wars duels and the work these guys and ladies put into these video projects  are truly amazing.

Sabers Crossed

I also enjoy the creativity and effort it requires to shoot a well choreograph saber duel scene. So after I watch Anthony’s Star Wars  reaction video I looked up his fan-made “Way of the Saber” video on his YouTube channel. I must admit I really enjoyed the duel and the cool action sequences. The battle is set in an urban train station yard. The duel was a mix of action, intensity and excitement. The ending I think will give a few people a good chuckle. Check out the Way of the Saber video and Let The Force Be With You!



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