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Adaptive Saber Parts – Make your dream lightsaber a reality!

Posted by: on Jun 17, 2015 | No Comments

Today this post is for that Star Wars fan that always had dreams of owning their very own light saber. Well today my friends the guys at Adaptive Saber Parts may be what you need to go dress up and power up your own custom light saber.  Adaptive Saber Parts official Kickstarter project was launched a few days ago with amazing fan fair. the Adaptive Saber Parts project will provide an easy to use saber modular kit system that lets anyone construct their very own movie quality custom light saber.


“Our prototype runs have been finished, our electronics are ready, now we need your help. We have partnered with a large scale commercial machine shop and they are standing by to begin production, but to keep prices low and eliminate lead times, we need a very large initial order. We have decided to crowd fund this project because we believe we have built something of tremendous value, if you agree, please make a pledge to help fund Adaptive Saber Parts.

The project will release over a hundred unique metal parts in three different finishes putting millions of different design to create many different custom saber configurations and every month Adaptive Saber Parts will release a new expansion set, making the possibilities customization possibilities endless. The saber modular kit is not only plug and play but the system provides real-time effects with lights, motion detection, and sound.
The project has already smashed passed its initial goal of $100,000 with $198,048 donations as of this posting with 551 backers. The project has 24 days to go but with the initial goal donations successful you can expect to see your custom detail light saber very soon. An entry level saber start at $150 with additional donations for additional custom saber hilts. To learn more visit the Adaptive Saber Parts Kickstarter page.

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