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Super Nintendo: Preview for the greatest game console of all time!

Posted by: on Feb 26, 2015 | One Comment



What system is the greatest of all time preview:

This post is a short preview and recap on what consoles are in the running for the greatest console of all time. Each week we’ll cover a different console that has the potential to make our top ten final console list but the deciding factor will be the response from the TechGeniux  game community. You ask what requirements are we looking for in a system to make our top 10 all time greatest game console? We’re looking for total impact on the industry, games, software, hardware, cost, popularity and longevity. This week we continue to search for that console is that has all the latter attributes.  What’s next? This week we take a look at the Super Nintendo Entertainment  System from the company that saved the industry in the 1980’s. The plan is to find the top ten consoles of all time and take a vote from the TechGeniux community to crown the winner!

Playstation 4

Playstation 4

So far we have the Playstation 4:
Coming out the gate the Playstation 4 demand was strong. Feedback on the Playstation 4 was mostly positive and overall the system has continued to gain traction among hard core Playstation console players. The Playstation 4 has an optional PlayStation Camera with motion sensing accessory and can support smartphones, tablets, and the PlayStation Vita can interact with the PlayStation 4 as second screen devices such as the Xbox One SmartGlass technology.



So far we have the Atari 2600:


The Atari 2600 had a significant contribution to what video game consoles mean today. IGN, a famous entertainment website, declared it the second best game console ever invented. It had a great contribution to the video game boom during the 1980s, and then to the crash of video games in 1983. The National Toy Hall of Fame, found in Rochester, New York, introduced Atari 2600 in 2007 in their list of best entertainment devices. Even if times changed, and video game consoles evolved a great deal, Atari 2600 still has a large number of fans who live with the remembrance of playing the games of that time. In the past time, retrogaming brought the console back into the spotlight, so people are still enjoying, even after the many years that passed since its appearance.

Do you have a console in mind we should add to our list? Share your thoughts in the comments! Spread the word because we plan to do something extremely crazy after we crown the greatest game console of all time! It’s going to be crazy!!!! Real crazy!

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      TechGeniux Staff
      February 26, 2015

      This post was just a small preview to let the community follow what systems we covered already and what system is next, Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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