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Pixsso: The Smart Display Arrives On Indiegogo

Posted by: on Feb 20, 2015 | No Comments

Today we have a very unique device called the Pixsso. The Pixsso is a 4.4” always-on electronic paper display to provide relevant information anywhere you want. You can literally stick it to any wall, desk, to-dos, and messages on your fridge. Do you display the tacky paper notes from the kid’s school events and doctor appointments on the fridge? With Pixsso, we welcome the new upgrade from the old paper posting method.

I received a post on the EnGeniux Twitter feed last night from Mr. Javier Luraschi gave me a tip to check out the Pixsso device. Everyone should know I’m a hardcore geek when it comes to new tech devices. I did my research and I must admit…I like it! The display is simple, the design is simple and the device really is simple to operate based on the company’s Indiegogo.


Pixsso Origin: Pixsso started by the need to stay in touch with my brother who has been living abroad for years. Pixsso provides his status updates right in my kitchen calendar, having the updates visible throughout the day, really helps me connect.

It’s easy to use: Unpack it, download the app and pair it with your phone using Bluetooth LE, it’s that simple. From the iPhone (iOS 6.0+) or Android (Jelly Bean+) app, select the type of information you want to display and update your loved ones with the things that matter to you.


Go visit the Pixsso Indiegogo page for more information. An early bird device is only $129 with limited units available at that reward stage.

Tech specs- 4.4″ screen, 3 second refresh time, Bluetooth LE, micro USB charging.

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