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Major Rocks Retro Arcade Game Lands On Kickstater!

Posted by: on Mar 6, 2015 | No Comments

Today I would like to share some news on a new retro action space shooter game called Major Rocks launching on Kickstarter today! I was surfing Twitter and came across this cool new retro retro shooter game. Major Rocks is a classic arcade themed space shooter full of action and excitement. I can tell by the Major Rocks Kickstarter video this game looks awesome! The Major Rocks game is being develop by SuperPixelGood. I was sitting around the office today thinking that our new OTON X game console really need a cool retro action pack shooter game, and wham, I seen Major Rocks! The Major Rocks game will be available on Android, Mac and PC if the project can successful reach a goal of $3,000 in 34 days.


SuperGoodPixel Kickstarter Information: Major Rocks is the first game in a retro series of arcade games to be released on various gaming platforms. Major Rocks is an arcade themed space shooter full of action and excitement. This is what we like to call a free-floating space shooter. You have controls to turn your ship left and right. You can thrust forward and fire your various weapons at enemies. You have shields that protect you from incoming blasts and fuel to keep topped off. Among the enemies you will find POWER-UPS and other goodies to keep the game fresh! Major Rocks is the best of the ARCADE action everyone fell in love with, but updated to look and feel fresh for today’s market.This is our “LOVE LETTER” to 80’s arcade space shooters! We have taken elements from the classic arcade games of the past and have combined them into one new explosion of fun!


The game will be packed with 30 or more levels of non-stop arcade action. Major Rocks is definitely a nod and tribute to the awesome games of the 1980’s! The graphics look outstanding and the video  gameplay is something to behold. Another thing I love about the game is the 80’s style  music really gives the game a special nostalgia feel! With $1 donation I think it’s well worth the donation to get Major Rocks finished and in the hands of all us retro game geeks! The game has been in development for about six months with a 3 man team. I must admit that’s amazing to produce those types of graphics and gameplay from a small crew in such a short time.  The SuperPixelGood team states, the game only has 1-2 months of development remaining if the game Kickstarter campaign is successful. Visit the SuperPixelGood  Kickstarter page today for more details!

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