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Meet Phree, An Advanced Mobile Input Device!

Posted by: on May 13, 2015 | No Comments

TechGeniux is the home of the coolest gadgets and incredible technology news. This morning, I came across a new Kickstarter project called the Phree. The Phree is a high resolution write-virtually-anywhere mobile input device. This device is truly amazing. You can literally write on yourself, on a table, or any surface. The data you write will simultaneously appear on your connected device or stored for later use. Phree lets you write, draw, annotate, and express yourself in countless other ways. On virtually any surface that available to you. Get this, you can even use Phree as a phone to take calls or write and receive text messages on the device’s notification screen.


Phree will easily connect to all your devices: phone, tablet, laptop, TV…anything with a Bluetooth connection. And Phree is compatible with software and apps like Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more. So you can instantly sketch or jot down ideas, notes, thoughts, email addresses and phone numbers…whatever crosses your mind! I personally like the possibility to jot down notes, annotate or draw ideas that pop in my head without the fear of not having a screen or paper on hand. The Phree backer cost to acquire the device range from early bird price of $148 to $189 for additional perks like a Phree case.


The team at OTM Technologies invented the Optical Translation Measurement (OTM) technology that precisely tracks hand motion across virtually any surface, in a wide dynamic range. The team was able to engineer and build a compact, low-cost optical sensor that fits at the tip of a pen-like device. The combination of one-of-a-kind, breakthrough technology and ergonomic, user-friendly design brings Phree to reality. The Phree project has 44 days to secure $100,000 to bring the device to market. The Phree team should pass the $100K goal in a few days since the project has already taken in $84,237 as of this writing with 522 backers. For people interested in backing the Phree Kickstarter project visit the link here.

P.S. I love the Phree tagline, make the world your paper! Just brilliant! Plus I like the “Phree” name too! Marketing grade A+

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