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The Smart Connected Pedal Arrives On Indiegogo!

Posted by: on Apr 28, 2015 | No Comments

Let me introduce everyone to the new Indiegogo project called the Connected Pedal from the team of Connected Cycle. The Connected Pedal is the first autonomous smart pedal that has a built-in GPS tracker to prevent thief and automatically record your rides. Other nice features include an energy generator, built-in internet connection and activity tracker to round out the top key features. The pedals will come in five colors with a classic pedal package starting at $149. The setup to install the Connected Pedal looks easy. The Indiegogo project pages states that installing the pedal is just like any other pedal on any adult standard bike, it’s quick and easy. Start by removing your own pedals and use the provided coded wrench to install your new smart pedals (no mechanical skills required). Then download the Connected Cycle application on your smartphone and follow the instructions to make the easy peering.The Connected Pedal supports both Android and iOS 7 platforms.

No need to charge a battery or to carry your smartphone during your rides! The pedal is totally self governing and is able to run everywhere generating its own energy and using its own internet connection. All bike locations and rides statistics are automatically sent to the cloud and available through the Connected Cycle smartphone application. The smart pedal tracks and records route, speed curve, incline curve, and calories burned on every single trip. Without draining your phone battery.Even without your phone all your data can be retrieved through the Connected Cycle smartphone application at any time. Once you have left your bike somewhere, you can easily find the fastest way back to it through the Connected Cycle smartphone application. You are also instantly notified on your smartphone when someone moves your bike (trying to take off the lock for instance).

So far the Connected Pedal Indiegogo project has done $66,623 on a project goal of $50,000. Within a one day the project has flown pass its initial $50K goal on a projected 30 day fundraising effort. Like any new cool tech we blog about on TechGeniux the Connected Pedal is a unique device for people who need to track activity and protection from bike thief. Big selling point for me is the Connected Pedal daily calorie counter feature  for cyclists who are health conscious yet enjoy a great time outdoors cycling.

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