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The Best PC Brands to Own!

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In the days of portable laptops and a seemingly endless array of tablets, the humble desktop PC may seem to have fallen out of favor. But don’t let the critics fool you.  If you’re still interested in unbeatable performance, high-quality graphics, and excellent design, then you’ll be hard-pushed to outbeat a cutting-edge PC model. If you need more convincing, here is our list of the best PC brands to own – including the top model in each category. If you need more convincing, here is our list of the best PC brands to own – including the top model in each category.


Model: Apple Pro
Storage: 512 GB
RAM: 32 GB
Processor: 3.0 GHz


A brand deeply associated with luxury, innovation, and a youthful market, Apple is one of the biggest technology giants in the world. And yet despite being widely known for their iPhones and laptops, Apple have also made a considerable step into the desktop PC industry. The Apple Pro has received widespread critical acclaim for its great performance and substantial processor capacity. This commitment to excellence has established Apple as one of the top PC manufacturers in the world – as this handy review by Laptop has demonstrated. With this particular Apple product, users can expect a range of great features – perfect for professionals who require high-speed performance and plenty of RAM. For example, the Apple Pro has been tipped as must-have tech for sound engineers and those in the creative industry. This PC also comes with a seriously impressive amount of storage; one of the most common reasons why users are drawn to PCs over laptops. So if you’re looking for the latest technological innovation, combined with excellent performance and sleek design, then Apple is certainly a good start.


Model: Precision T3610
Storage: 1000 GB
RAM: 16 GB
Processor: 3.7 GHz


Dell is a key player in the PC manufacturing business – and in 2015, Dell will exceed expectations and transform the tech market once again with its Precision T3610. This incredible PC has solidified Dell’s supreme technological status. With an unrivaled Nvidia Quadro 3D graphics card – combined with an abundance of storage space – this computer packs a serious punch. So who will love the Precision T3610? Good question. Given its mammoth storage capacity, there’s been some discussion that the Precision T3610 will have particular appeal to technical professionals. This includes doctors, engineers, and even art directors. But in terms of personal use, the Precision T3610 will be fantastic for gaming enthusiasts. The excellent specifications will handle online and offline gaming with no trouble at all – making lag a thing of the past. If this sounds like something you’d love, then Dell will be able to provide everything you need – and more.


Model: EliteOne 800
Storage: 256 GB
Processor: 3.1 GHz


Another popular manufacturer of superb PC equipment, the HP EliteOne 800 will impress even the most skeptical laptop lovers – especially when you see the specs. With a sleek, slim and seriously impressive design, the EliteOne has been marketed specifically as an at-home office computer. With a competitive amount of storage, combined with 4th generation Intel Core processor, this PC will excel in completing even the most complicated of tasks. However, what really make the EliteOne 800 really stand out is its touchscreen capabilities. Using Windows 8, office moguls can complete their administration in the quickest and most efficient way possible. In terms of security, Dell have spared no expenses to ensure their products always meet the highest possible standards. Utilizing HP Client Security and Intel vPro management features, you can rest assured that the EliteOne 800 will safely store all your important files. Safety and security define the Dell brand – making them one of the most popular PC brands in the world.



Model: Chromebox M004U
Storage: 16 GB
Processor: 1.4 GHz


Sometimes it can be difficult for PC users to reconcile the idea of a Chromebox being a computer. So what’s the benefit of using one of these Chromeboxes? First of all, it takes up less room than a TV boxset – making it easy to store and transport. It also comes with three different CPU configurations, so there’s a Chromebox Moo4U whether you need light-browsing capabilities or more. More specifically, however, the Chromebox is perfect for those who already love the Linux-based operating system. Asus’s Chromebox M004U has superb cloud technology applications; designed to work in conjunction with Google’s own cloud services. So you won’t need to worry about requiring more storage space (incidentally, it’s worth noting that Google offers 100GB of free cloud storage for the first two years). With regards to Asus more generally, this fantastic PC brand is respected across the world as a leading provider of IT solutions. The Chromebox has already taken the world by storm, and makes the perfect option for casual PC users who value great storage capacity and ease of access.


Model: ThinkStation E42 SFF
Storage: 1000 GB
Processor: 3.4 GHz


Synonymous across the world with innovation and affordable PC technology, Lenovo continue to manufacture competitive PC desktops. Arguably their most impressive model to date, the ThinkStation E42 SFF combines a number of these excellent characteristics – with some fantastic extras to boot. Perhaps the standout feature of this model is its storage capacity – measuring in at an incredible 1000 GB. In the majority of cases, this type of capacity is only to be seen in more expensive models. But Lenovo have succeeded in bringing this technology to the masses, making it an extremely popular brand across the world. Furthermore, the fast processor will make the ThinkStation E42 SFF extremely well-liked with gamers and tech professionals. With 2D digital media, this PC can handle a number of processes with ease. However, for those requiring 3D capabilities, you may prefer another model.

This blog was written by Amy Leach.

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