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Is Ouya Inc. For Sale?

Posted by: on Apr 29, 2015 | No Comments

This afternoon I read a few online reports that the microconsole Ouya is up for sale after failing to restructure its debt. If you remember the Android powered game console made headlines in 2012 with its insane press and 63,416 Kickstarter backers pledges of $8,596,474 to see the  Ouya game console come to market.The company was created by CEO Julie Uhrman and the system was designed by Yves Behar but the system failed to catch on with hardcore gaming fans. The system promised developers the opportunity to hack or customize the system. The system released 1,000 games for the system in 2014. The Ouya Inc. team seen top gaming companies joining the new startup such as Nvidia, Square Enix, the XBMC developer team and Namco Bandi to just name a few amazing partnerships Ouya secured in 2012.

The system specs were powered by a Cortex A-9 quad-core 1.7 ARM chip and Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset. The software was powered by a custom Android 4.1 (Jellybean) operating system with a custom Ouya launcher. On June 25, 2013, the Ouya was released to the public for $99. The Ouya Inc. Company planned to upgrade the console with new hardware updates in 2013 to keep up with the demanding innovation in chip and hardware specs upgrades to stay current in the game space. Earlier this year Chinese internet company Alibaba invested $10 million in Ouya with plans to incorporate Ouya’s software and library of more than 1,000 games into Alibaba’s set-top box. As reported by website.


Ouya Developer Unit

If the reports are true that the once famous game console is up for sale it doesn’t send a good message going forward for future Android powered game consoles. The TechGeniux blog will follow up with more information on Ouya if more news is released.

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