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EnGeniux Dev OTON X Artificial Game Console Arrival Getting Closer!

Posted by: on Oct 24, 2015 | No Comments

Today the EnGeniux Inc. release a new update regarding its next generation game console called OTON X. The small company shared a new retail box package for the developer units. The developer package will be all white displaying the yellow OTON robot logo on the top and front of the box. The system will retail for $399 for early adopters and indie developers. Early preorders customers will get the system, one controller, and a pair of Ding Audio headsets, plus phone and web support.

The Ding Audio headphones can be connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth, powered by a lithium battery with incoming phone call vibration alerts. The SERIES ONE Ding Audio headphones will come in four colors (Red, Black, White, and White/Blue color options) with more colors coming in the future. Ding Audio headphones can be used for listening to music, video games and videos. Learn more about Ding at


With new gaming applications coming on line like Leap Motion game controller which allow users to use motion to control the gaming interface and the new browser based console called AirConsole that allow players to turn their smartphone into a controller the EnGeniux team is motivated to get OTON into position to grab public attention. The challenge is definitely in front of EnGeniux to deliver this exciting and game changing game console.

The development for the OTON X game console has been slow due the complex nature of the console and cost to build a system that can self-create games without a developer. Nevertheless, developers can still benefit from the platform for game creation, promotion, and support of their newly exciting ideas or game development. The company is trying to get the first OTON system dub 2.0 units ready before Black Friday 2015. The company took a small hit early this year when a developer contract fell through but the company is working to wrap the final pieces of the 2.0 code up and ship to customers as soon as possible. EnGeniux is looking to signup 50 to 500 new developers during the first quarter of 2016. Learn more about OTON at

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