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Get The Scoop On New OTON X Updates And Development!

Posted by: on Apr 1, 2015 | No Comments

Today I would like to share a few updates on the OTON X developer unit and software. From time to time, we like to share direct updates on the system and development on the TechGeniux blog. But first let me explain what OTON is and what the development unit will be able to do in 2015.  The OTON X developer console is the first artificial intelligent autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer. The system uses a custom algorithm with design parameters and a sprite assets to create custom game environments. This process saves time and money and also allow developers to supply new game content to players much faster.The OTON platform will not follow traditional game console formats or business models. We believe in a open and DRM free platform giving developers and players to power to control their own content. People will be so shocked on how simple OTON is to operate and play. The gameplay for games will be unchanged but the process and creativity the platform will give game developers and players will be something unique no other console can produce at this time.



UPDATE: Currently, we have the new code installed on the hardware. This includes the new user interface and current game creation code. We’re working on bugs and error issues but things are moving forward as planned. After we get some of the minor issues corrected we plan to find a few Linux games to install to the new “My Games” tab. If you have a few Linux games you want to see on OTON please let us know. The goal for the first 100 OTON developer units is to make sure the auto and user create level game creation functions work flawless. After we get the artificial intelligent game creation working, we plan to get the system updated  to our new server account. Last, we’re working on a new updated demo video with gameplay, auto game creation and manual game creation. We get asked, can I see a demo…no worries, demos on the way! People assume OTON can’t do what we claim, I can assure you, it can do what what we say and much more with more software updates coming over the next few weeks after we release the first 100 units.


New OTON developer

UPDATE 2: Anyone that wish to try out the OTON UI beta for free can visit The beta site will be updated in a few weeks with a new URL and function so we advise people to create a free account as soon as possible. Also, only 9 days are left to win a FREE OTON X developer unit at person with the most referrals will win the developer unit when we ship in a few weeks. We’re still working on potential new funding but development is still moving to get the pre-orders ready within the next 3- 7 weeks.  The OTON developer units will retail for $399 and early pre-orders will get a free retail unit when we ship in the near future. The $399 seem high but I can say it will be well worth the investment because there are definitely a few things we haven’t made public. Visit for pre-order information. Have a OTON question or comment post in the TechGeniux comments or email us at


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