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OTON X Ready to Reign Over Other “Next Gen” Consoles!

Posted by: on Aug 30, 2016 | No Comments

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 Technical Specifications

 Revolutionary gaming features merge with a sleek design to make OTON X the best choice for next generation consoles!

 EnGeniux promises to soon become a household name with OTON X, one of the most riveting new game consoles to be announced in recent years. Encased in a sturdy black frame is a quad-core processor, 128 GB hard drive, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. However, unlike other next generation consoles, this gaming system uses a modified version of Linux to become an all-in-one game development platform that requires no downloading, no discs, and no load times to get in the way of your gaming experience.



Even in its developmental stages, OTON X has already accomplished more than any other next gen console that’s currently on the market. While other systems rely on a traditional business model of hiring outside developers to code their games, OTON X is completely self-sufficient in this area. That is to say, OTON X is the only next generation console that can create its own games without the assistance of developers. How is this possible? Well, that is a bit of an in-house secret. Although indie developers are scheduled to expand OTON X’s library even further in the future, the system itself will come with a plethora of free games that are instantly accessible without paying anything extra. Thanks to its customizable engine, EnGeniux promises no two games will ever play alike.

KID DESTINY 1_profile

When it comes to creating games, the Linux-based operating system allows you to control basic parameters such as the difficulty and maturity levels by checking a few boxes, and then OTON X handles the rest. Since the content is intelligently generated, levels, missions, and other crucial gaming elements will never be repeated. The end result is a new gaming experience with tons of replay value each and every time you press the start button. Aside from HDMI, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support, these games can also be enjoyed at a 4K resolution. Gaming at 4K means that you will be seeing 4 times more pixels than standard “Full HD” resolution, which is a feature that other “new” game consoles lack. EnGeniux, however, is always thinking ahead with the OTON X.

About EnGeniux

OTON Graphic

EnGeniux is founded by Derrick Samuels, an ex-marine of 3 years who was honorably discharged after he was injured while helping a fellow marine during cold weather training. Derrick used his Marine Corps discipline and training to remain calm during a personal financial crisis. Although things weren’t going exactly as planned, he never gave up on becoming a successful artist and console developer. He was able to support his family through a modest supply room job while also freelancing in graphic design (this is when Kid Destiny, OTON X’s mascot, was first drawn). It was also during this time that he began accepting $5 donations for one of his earliest console designs – EVO – which was among the first wave of new game consoles to ever use voice activation technology and Cloud-based storage. Over 6 years later, EVO is still supported to this day. Critics scoffed and said he couldn’t do it the first time, but now Derrick is eager to duplicate his success with OTON X, a next gen gaming console that’s unlike any the world has ever seen before. The OTON X is currently on Kickstarter and EnGeniux is seeking donations to bring the console to market.



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