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EnGeniux Release New OTON X Developer Game Console UI Updates!

Posted by: on Apr 13, 2015 | No Comments

New OTON “My Games” tab 2015

Today I would like to share a few new OTON X developer user interface screen updates. But first let me explain what OTON is again for new readers to the TechGeniux blog. The OTON X console is the first autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer. The system uses a custom algorithm to create custom games. In the test phases our system can create 28,800 fully working custom 2D platform game levels in 24 hours and has the ability to create 1,051,200 playable full games within a year. This process saves time and money and also allows developers to supply new game content to players much faster. The developer version will not have all features previously announced but updates will happen quickly over the next few months.


OTON developer “My Games” section.

This is truly a massive project for a small team of passionate entrepreneurs and tech geeks but extremely doable. With all that said, look at the “My Games” tabs along the bottom of the HOME OTON user interface between the Store and News tabs. The My Games tab was originally the “Community” tab but during development we soon realized that we required a place for new games, created games, played games, streamed games and indie game content. When the player click on the My Games tab the next screen transition will show the My Games screen. You can see to the right of the screen a place for friend interactions. On this screen new games populate your system from new games to previous played games. The “Community” tab will return in a later update.


The OTON dev Shut Down function 2015

And last, we designed a nice shut down sequence. We haven’t made a decision on what button on the OTON developer controller will function as the prompt action button that will shut down the system.  Most likely it will be the “Home” button once you press and hold it down for a few seconds. We still have a ton of new information we plan to release as the system development work is near complete. As stated last update, the new code is on the hardware, we’re testing and awaiting the new improved code. We started working on this massive project around August of 2012 and I can tell you it’s been a labor of love and excitement as the system has slowly becomes reality.


OTON New Hardware Design Coming Soon!

Closing, we have a winner for the FREE OTON dev unit giveaway and we plan to make an announcement soon. Also, remember to secure your account as soon as possible because big changes are in the work. The OTON beta UI will close soon so create a free account to access the next level of  OTON beta free demos coming soon! If you want to support us pre-order a OTON X developer unit for $399 at Only 100 units will be produced for the first round and I can tell you with complete confidence the unit will be well worth the $399 investment! The OTON system represents freedom, creativity and independence. Are you ready for a new tomorrow….OTON is coming!



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