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EnGeniux Second Wave OTON X Developer Units Arrived Today!

Posted by: on Feb 27, 2015 | No Comments

Exciting news today! We received the new OTON X console second wave prototype units today. We worked hard to get here and overcame many challenges in the game console market. To try to compete in the billion dollar game console market on a half of a shoe string budget is truly insane! With the new OTON hardware test units arriving today we have our work cut out the next few weeks. We have to write more code, do more testing and hopeful have some solid developer units for shipment in a couple of weeks. The next step for EnGeniux will be to install the updated OTON X autonomous software on the new hardware. I took a few pictures of me unboxing the new units through out the post.  The pictures don’t really do this hardware justice. We’re using standard hardware from Habey USA with a  custom configuration for OTON. To me, it didn’t make sense to create a custom developer unit for 100 units just for testing. At this stage we really want to test the code on some good hardware and fix the bugs. I designed the OTON software to be easy to scale and flexible to work on most hardware. For new readers who really never heard of OTON, let me share a quick story. Not the entire story, just a small glimpse into the struggles to make a game console with nothing but an idea . The story is somewhat  depressing but one of hope, passion and the will of an entrepreneur to fight for an idea. This is the true story of the first autonomous game console called OTON X! Drum roll…..


In 2012, but it’s really earlier when the OTON idea hit me but let’s use 2012 as a starting point. I decide to try my hand at creating one more console after my EVO Smart Console system slowly become obsolete because the big guys gradually started gaining traction on us. With competitors like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, who are billion dollar companies with access to all the key people at mainstream media sites, the writing was on the wall for EVO. The lack of positive coverage was one of the main reasons I created the TechGeniux blog. To be positive toward new tech entrepreneurs and startups. Experiencing new technology should be fun! I felt we gave it a good ole Marine try (I’m an ex-Marine) with EVO. So I let EVO die. It’s hard to let something  you love die…something that you put your  sweat, heart and energy into…just die. I never said that out loud until now but the EVO technology was outdated by 2011. It was time for something new, something game changing, it was time for OTON!


However, one day, like any good entrepreneur with that insane entrepreneur spirit running in his veins, I had a thought. A crazy thought. I understood why we couldn’t move forward with EVO. I knew our funding was limited and I knew we would never really received  any real media coverage. Let me back track, I did get some awesome press from IGN from a writer at the 2006 E3. His name was Gerry Block. To this day, I appreciate him for sharing our first EVO press release on IGN (Thank you!). Before I go any further, special thanks to all the indie blogs that covered us throughout the years, I love you guys and ladies! I hope to get some OTON media hardware to all the indie media sites on our mailing list (Thank you!).


Back to the story, I’m not the type of guy to take losing on his back. For the EVO console we lack games, we were deficient on developers and we lacked a billion dollar development team. So the idea with OTON, I figured, what if, I could create this artificial intelligent system that could always work 24/7, always have quality games and literally give me a virtual army of developers  to produce games non-stop? Sound crazy? But I think I can make it work. These reasons were why my EVO console slowly took the death walk. No games, no developers and no development team. With zero dollars, you heard me, with zero dollars I wanted to try to build another console. I told my family that I needed try one more time. With their blessing I started the official work on OTON mid 2012.  I knew moving forward I wouldn’t have the support of mainstream media sites. People ask me all the time, I haven’t heard about OTON before….why? Why don’t you guys get more coverage? My reply…I don’t know. With media or no media, I wasn’t going to let anything stop me this time.  I dug deep and but operation OTON in motion. I felt it was important to share that story so people can see how determined we we’re to succeed. As a Marine you never give up, and if you can’t win today, regroup to win tomorrow!



Moving forward,  I wasn’t going to let someone else decide my fate if I  succeed or fail. So with zero dollars I set out to develop the algorithm that would one day be OTON. It took me a few years but I pieced the code together as funds become available. We heard it all, it can’t work, but I knew it was going to work because I’m an old school gamer from the Nintendo era. I know what a game should be and how it should work. I had my brain, my passion and excitement to make the impossible…possible. So today is important day for EnGeniux. A huge milestone for us…we survived the early stumbles and today we’re on the verge of new funding and pushing developers units out the door. The funding would definitely speed the OTON development up  ten-fold. With all that said, let me do a quick overview of what to expect from the OTON developer units.


The OTON X console is the first artificial intelligent autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer. The system operates with a custom algorithm with design parameters and  database to create custom game environments. This process saves time and money and also allow developers to supply new game content to players much faster. The unit will ship with the OTON controller, dev console and basic software for game creation and auto creation. The system is using EnGeniux new custom Chromium operating system to power the console. These units are limited to 100 and called the OTON “Master Units”. The lucky 100 people that order these units will not be disappointed with the freedom, power and unlimited opportunities these 100 devices will allow them to do. Don’t forget to register to win a free OTON developer unit here.


Today was a awesome day. New units, updated code almost done and possible funding next month. I promise we will boot this OTON up and give the web a true demo. I’m working to do a awesome kickstarter style video so people can see all the ends and outs of what OTON can do. Trust me, there is  definitely more to the system. The game plan with OTON is to get the development units in the field and get feedback from people that ordered units. After feedback, fix any issues and work toward a final retail unit for 2016-17ish. The first 100 units are the corner stone for OTON to revolutionize the game console industry. I hope everyone continue to support us and giving us the inspiration to move forward with the OTON X artificial intelligent game console.

*Full disclosure. The TechGeniux blog is owned and operated by EnGeniux.

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