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EnGeniux Artificial Intelligent Game Console Coming Soon!

Posted by: on Jul 9, 2015 | No Comments

EnGeniux is getting closer to the release of the OTON X game console release. The OTON X console will be the  first autonomous game console to be release to market. The console has attributes similar to other upcoming autonomous devices such as cars and home automation systems; the only difference is that OTON self-creates games, without human input. The system create games using a custom algorithm code. The developer units will be released in increments of 25 units at a time. We don’t have a set number of how many units will be released. The final retail unit will not be released until we perfect the algorithm and create a custom game engine to support the platform. We’re using the Secret Mayro game engine to demo the algorithm game creation for now but future version of the system will create all custom games 24-7 by the end of the year.


First OTON X unit and test board. This is not the final OTON dev unit board.


As the system development progress we’re looking toward adding streaming content to work along all the custom game content OTON will create. The process has been long but like any next generation system it will take time to develop. The developer unit will be limited in function but we plan to scale the unit as we incorporate more applications and features in the software. The EnGeniux team is shooting for late August release if everything goes as planned. We can’t say much on what’s planned for the unit until we get the demo ready so the system can speak for itself. When gamers see the system create levels so quickly it will change everything about gaming. Expect some exciting news about the console and future projects coming soon. Interested developers or early adopters can pre-order the unit at

Full Disclosure: TechGeniux blog is operated and owned by EnGeniux Inc.

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