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The Latest EnGeniux OTON X Game Dev Console News

Posted by: on Jul 11, 2015 | No Comments

Today, I wanted to share a few updates on the EnGeniux OTON X developer (dev) units. I felt it would require more than a Facebook and Twitter post. Here is a list of the current task completed and what remains for the Gen 1 OTON X development unit. I must state that the developer unit is NOT the final version of OTON. The hardware and software will be fully upgraded once we worked out all the bugs, improved the software and test the network. The final retail version of OTON X will support 2D, 3D and streaming games. The graphics will be basic to photo realistic. We will release developer units in 25 unit increments to help test the systems, gather feedback and correct bugs. This first model will be extremely basic. It will create 2D games and allow you to create 2D games, plus demo play other Linux games we installed. We’re rolling more updates out throughout the year that will vastly improve the OTON  platform. Currently, there is no official count on how many total units we plan to ship but the goal is 500 or more if necessary. We really want to get units out in the wild in 30 to 50 days. Below you can track our progress.

Items Completed:
1. OTON algorithm and Linux OS loaded on hardware
2. OTON boot-up video loaded
3. OTON game creation test completed but more work is still in progress on code
4. OTON controller working with UI
5. Two Linux test games loaded on system
6. Time and date work


Items to Complete:
1. Working and testing game launch process
2. Connect to server
3. Simple software update tool
4. Test manual game creation
5. Shutdown option
Other issues outside of task milestones:

1. The OTON automated home UI was displaying five game demo screens. The goal was to create six screens for the home UI. We found the error and made corrections. Now the “HOME” screen has six demo game levels on the screen. With the error fixed this will now the OTON algorithm to make unlimited levels. The algorithm will produce six demo levels per screen. We have not decided on how fast and how many at this stage. But the system can create a level in the time it takes you to blink your eye. We decided to make the algorithm support an open source 2D game engine because it was cheaper and faster to produce but as we correct issues we plan to create our own super engine to support the OTON algorithm. It was vital for us to use an open source engine to demo and test because we’re showing that OTON has the ability to support older games and create new levels for the older games. We’ve come a long way with more work to do and I’m extremely happy with our effort at this point. I can’t say everything we can do with this software right now but it’s going to be awesome! You can demo our beta UI at and you can preorder at  If you preorder a OTON dev, you will receive the final retail unit FREE of charge, no kidding!


Once we complete the remaining task our final goal is to complete the My Game link. We already have the assets for the link, what remains is integrating the game algorithm to store the games from the auto-creation. Let me be clear, regardless if we’re testing with a 2D game doesn’t down play how fascinating OTON is from a pure innovative idea level. Our small crew is working around the clock to get the first gen OTON model ready in 30 to 50 days. Once you see it create a game (pop on on the screen) and ready to play it will change your whole entire perspective on gaming, it’s unreal. If you develop games, you need to order this unit. It will be money well spent on a system that will help you succeed in the long run. The freedom and imagination that can be leveraged with this system is insane. I won’t continue to brag just give a little more time and you can see for yourself!

P.S. You want believe what we have in store once we wrap this stage of development up for OTON! #OTONXLives

Full Disclosure: This post was written by OTON Creator and Algorithm  designer Derrick Samuels. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter.

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