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OTON: The Self-Game-Generating Console

Posted by: on Oct 24, 2014 | No Comments

Oton Black Studio 3

Now, when you think “The Evolution of Gaming Consoles” do you think 3D? How about virtual reality, like Oculus Rift, or even all that combined with say, the top in motion control technology? Well, the world is changing, my friends. We no longer live in a world where everybody wants to pay $60 for the new Call of Duty, or Battlefield. Today, I’ll be introducing to you, the OTON, the first ever console to self-generate games. Now, before you go writing this off, I’ll show you why this truly is an amazing piece of technology. Founded by Derrick Samuels in early 2012, EnGeniux is a small company based out of Alabama with a big dream. He states that OTON development console has been in development in and out for four years, and has required quite a bit of work. He says that a lot of trial and error was part of developing this console, especially the unique ways to have it generate games.

The company has stated that the device will create unique games each time, and that an algorithm was developed by the EnGeniux team to create fun, quality games. The device is more than something that runs Call of Duty or Angry Birds, it’s meant to be a huge innovation in order to compete with the big three consoles, and PC. This technology has never been seen before, and while some are skeptical, this is going to be a big breakthrough in the world of gaming. Who knows, this could be what leads into the next generation of consoles.
Originality? Many people say that current games lack originality, especially those long-running series, so if anything, it’s definitely not going to be any worse. While obviously stories aren’t going to be in-depth, things like the characters, the goals, and the mechanics of the game are what’s going to make the games original, and enjoyable. Take many indie games for instance, they don’t really have stories other than backstories, but some of them honestly are just, better than some AAA games. It doesn’t take a huge team of developers, and X Million Dollars to create a fun game. In this case, it only takes a console to do that.

Now, the inspiration for OTON was hugely from OUYA, and Mr. Samuels’ own EVO 2 Android Console, when Mr. Samuels decided that he wanted not to just make a mobile console, but to innovate beyond the chains of today’s consoles. Some people claimed they were copying OUYA, but in reality, this is beyond what OUYA is, it’s a different type of console. Its own type of console, something new that hasn’t been seen before. Now, the device should have a life cycle of three to four years, along with (hopefully) a rear projector and front camera for the deluxe OTON unit. The device is intended to be ahead of the rest of the market, and really bring something new to the table. The device will bring what the original video game pioneers envisioned, along with EnGeniux’s own visions for the future. While the OTON development unit won’t have AAA games at this stage but future updates will add new AAA game levels, that are what many are looking for. A shake up in the video game industry.

OTON is going to veer away from recycled ideas, concepts that have been around for a long time, and have been bought by gamers for so long. OTON will be more than “Oh the new console? Better Graphics! More Powerful Hardware!” and be at the heart of a video game. The challenge, the game itself, not the shell of graphics, or bigger explosions, the ability to get a chain of kills. Not only that, you can afford to own this console! Without shelling out hundreds on multiple games, you can spend your money on things that you really enjoy. After all, the games are 100% free! You can create a 2D platformer, or even a 3D FPS if you’d like. If you wanted, you could try a new game from OTON every day.
We mentioned that OTON is more than just powerful hardware in new consoles, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have great hardware! Each OTON premium unit will include a built-in laser projection so you can enjoy your games on any surface, without a TV or screen even needed! Along with that, you control what games it creates!

You can create a personal simulated environment to interact with your projection, recreate events in history, or anything you could imagine. OTON makes the game that you want to play, no matter what that happens to be! Don’t forget, you can do anything you want to the games as well!
Modding OTON games you play from our network can easily be done, or you can even resell games with custom levels, characters, and content! Developing games for OTON doesn’t require any special programming skills. Create new levels, new challenges and new characters then share the entire experience with your friends on OTON. Not only that, the EnGeniux team will create first party games with each new update for you to enjoy as well! The device is truly, a step ahead of the competition.

The OTON truly is an advance in technology, with a custom version of Ubuntu named OTON OS. You can do more than play your own games, or those produced by others. You can enjoy popular Android games, and a ton of open source or compatible mobile games too. The design of the OTON, inside and out, is an absolute marvel. OTON is smart, too. It has simple artificial intelligence capabilities to learn the gamer who owns the OTON and will customize levels, and gameplay for the worthy gamer.

After all, acclaimed French designer Joseph Dumary designed the console, with a sleek, futuristic look that’s still simple, and subtle as well. Mr. Dumary has years of experience in design, and has designed the future of gaming itself. With sleek curves, ergonomic controls, the OTON is an aesthetically pleasing triumph in the world of design. He developed the outside, but game developers can help develop the heart of the device.
If you develop games, you can demo them on OTON for no charge, and keep 100% of the profits. After all, EnGeniux makes the device, but the gamers truly make the heart and soul. Along with that, it doesn’t even cost anything to make a game on OTON, it’s easy with the simple UI on OTON!
So folks, why don’t you go order your OTON today?

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