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OTON Developer Units Gearing Up For Release!

Posted by: on Nov 20, 2014 | No Comments

The OTON X developer console is the first autonomous game console to self-create game levels without a full-time developer. The system creates games using a custom algorithm that creates custom game environments and characters. This process saves time and money and support developers with new game content to players much faster.



System Specifications (Developer Unit Only)
Intel Atom 1.80 GHz (Dual quad-core)
System Memory
32 GB Solid State Storage
Nvidia (ION2) GPU w/dedicated 512MB DDR3 Memory
HDMI support
HD Audio 5.1 Channel, Digital Audio HDMI or SPDIF (Optical) 1 x Mic-in, 1 x Line-Out Interface

The OTON developer (Dev) unit (1) is EnGeniux first steps toward the first autonomous game console. EnGeniux will obtain critical feedback and data from early game developers, adopters and game enthusiast regarding the OTON game creation and manual game creation. This hardware build doesn’t represent the final system build. This system will let EnGeniux test new updates, improve UI and improve game asset deliveries. All OTON dev unit orders will receive a free final retail OTON unit when released in the near future. The OTON dev is limited to only 100 “Master units” and require invite for additional units. Production of the OTON dev units will not be manufactured  beyond 500 units. The FREE retail unit is only available for the first 100 units and orders beyond the first 100 orders will be issued a $50 EnGeniux credit toward the final retail OTON units. The developer unit will be an off the shelf enclosure with the new OTON game controller. Currently, the system hardware is complete, final testing of software and server testing connection remain. EnGeniux is working to secure funding which has the system in a slight holding status. The The OTON developer unit will retail for $399 with an estimated ship date of December 15, 2014.

The OTON dev units are not for mainstream users and customers. Some of the first 100 customers may get a second improve unit before EnGeniux release the final retail unit. The OTON X website will be undergoing new updates over the next few weeks. Customers can still place preorders at These orders will be placed on waiting list for 2015.

*OTON developer unit not pictured.

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