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Are You Ready For The Oomi Smart Home Automation System?

Posted by: on Apr 21, 2015 | No Comments

As more and more devices are becoming smarter and product automation is on the verge of mainstream explosion it’s hard not to be intrigue by new smart home technologies in 2015. Today a new home automation system caught my eye early this morning called the Oomi Smart Home. The company kicked off an awesome Indiegogo debut with $299,722 within an hour with an initial goal of $50K with 60 days to go. The system is bundled with a host of smart devices and accessories. The Oomi system comes with the Oomi Touch controller that makes it easy to controller your TV, music and lighting from one device. The Oomi kit comes with a smart Oomi Cube (camera), Oomi Bulb for lighting, Oomi plug (smart plug) and Oomi multisensors (smart sensor).


What is the Oomi Cube? The Oomi Cube is packed with 8 environment sensors, a night vision camera, and a bit more. Having sensors inside of Cube allows it to know more about your home. When your Oomi Cube knows more it can do more for you. For example, because Oomi Cube already has a light sensor in it, your home can brighten your lighting when a room gets darker automatically.

“I can say with confidence that the Oomi Smart Home Automation System is definitely some cool tech to keep your eye on in 2015.”

What is the Oomi Plug, Oomi Bulb and Oomi MultiSensor? The Oomi Plug is the easy way to turn an outlet into a smart outlet. Control a hard to reach lamp wirelessly or monitor the energy consumption of your appliances. Best of all, Plug has a USB port on the side to charge your devices without taking up an outlet.  The Oomi MultiSensor gives you more insight into what is going on inside of your home by detecting motion, temperature, light, UV rays, vibrations, and humidity. It can notify you if something suspicious happens or turn on your lights when you enter a room. The Oomi Bulb Light affects the way we feel. Set Bulb to a forest green or songbird blue to change the atmosphere of a room. Wake up naturally with Bulb’s gradual sunrise effect or relax after a long day with a warm sunset hue.

The Oomi teams states that the Oomi learns how you live. It learns what you do to keep your family safe and your home comfortable. It learns how you like to relax, and how you like to have fun. Then, it makes recommendations on what it can manage for you, so you can spend more time on the things that matter the most. To learn more about the Oomi Smart Home Automation click here. The early bird Oomi kit starts at $279 packed with the Touch, the Cube, and one Oomi accessory of your choice. what do you think about the Oomi Smart Home System?

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