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OnLive Is Shutting Down and Sony Acquired All Their Patents

Posted by: on Apr 6, 2015 | No Comments

The OnLive was a company that was based in California, Mountain View to be precise, and was known for their services in the area of cloud visualization technologies provider. One of their very famous products was the cloud gaming service. This service was amazing because it enabled its subscribers to demo various computer games without going through the installation process on their gaming devices. The service also allowed the clients to rent the games that they desired and play them without having to install them. These games that the clients wanted were brought to the software of the clients of OnLive’s as a video that is being streamed from the servers of the service provider. This was a bit different from the conventional game playing methods because in that case all the data is stored in the device on which the game is being played. This was a terrific thing as it allowed devices to run games that were too advanced for them. This means that a computer would be able to a game successfully even if it is too big for its storage memory or any other insufficiency in the hardware. This one of a kind service was available for almost all kinds of mobile devices as well as personal computers. Apart from that, the subscribers were also given the option to use this application on their smart TVs and the all sorts of gaming consoles. These days when everybody is stressed about getting the maximum amount of storage space or RAM for their gaming devices, this product was too good to be true.


The company was announced publically in 2009 at a conference called the Game Developer’s Conference. It was planned that the company would release the service sometime in the winter of 2009 for their users. At that time OnLive was able to get some big fishes as their sponsors. The sponsors included some big names like Autodesk, Warner Bros and the Maverick Capital initially. After going through the finances of the company, other companies like AT&T and Lauder Partners also joined the venture. It was not till the May of the year 2010 when it was announced that the two more companies, British Telecom and the Belgacom, are also investing in this idea of OnLive.  Later that same year, on the 10th of March, it was announced by the Onlive Game Service would release their service for public purchase on the June 17. The clients from United States of America were required to pay a monthly fee of 14.95 US Dollars. The customers were also given the option of getting the membership for themselves but this was only available with the help of the promotion of the AT&T’s founding members. This meant that the members were had to pay nothing for a year. After that they were charged a monthly fee of 4.95 US dollars. This was however altered when the company later decided that the clients would no longer have to pay any sort of fees to subscribe.


From the beginning this service provided by the OnLive was the target of the severe criticism from several critics. They were of the view that the service will crash as Internet would never be able to transfer data from server to client at the rate that is actually required to keep things smooth. They said that a lot of things have to be done while playing the game. Graphics have to be controlled and the inputs have to be registered. All of this was too much to be transmitted through the internet according to the critics.  For years the company performed well and was able to provide the smooth services as opposed to the reviews it got from many important personalities. However the service was as functional as anybody could expect it to be, still it was not able to live up to the experience that it promised. It still was not able to show the efficiency that a person can receive from a game that is actually installed on the gaming device. There were lags and various kinds of graphical compression that dulled the overall excitement of the idea. The company improved various aspects of the service, but it was still not able to compete with the actual gaming experience. So because of that the company had to shut down. According to the news, Sony was able to buy most of the patents.


It is stated in the news that the Sony has bought about 140 patents of the company and will soon be seen using in new Now Streaming Service that will be introduced in the Sony’s PlayStations. The company provided the game streaming service for almost five years. They were a troubled five years, but the company survived. People who had been using all these years are not particularly thrilled about the service being closed but what is done is done. The company has refused to refund any deposits unless they were made in February of 2015.The company will officially be closed on April 30, 2015. Sad to see this revolutionary technology shut down.

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