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Nintendo NES Mini Is Ready For Christmas 2016!

Posted by: on Oct 1, 2016 | No Comments

Today I was amazed to finally see the Nintendo Mini console in action with a old school video theme. Instantly it brought back my childhood memories. The old school video was a home-run by Nintendo as well. The NES Mini has a few new cool features to make this classic system a must have console for Christmas 2016.


The Nintendo Mini is a miniature replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System that was released in the mid 80’s in the USA. Based upon software emulation, it includes a static library of 30 built-in games from the licensed NES library, including some third-party titles, with writable storage only for save states. Another amazing upside is the $59 price tag on the NES Mini. Now it really feel like the 80’s again!

Key features include the option to switch between a 50Hz and 60Hz internal refresh rate; games running on PAL rather than NTSC ran ever so slightly slower, and European gamers might find the feel of the controls is off in 60Hz mode. It’s a thoughtful inclusion. The NES Mini will have three display modes Pixel perfect, 4:3 and CRT filter. Enough of me talking go check out the video. What do you think of the Nintendo Mini?

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