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Hooray! A Wireless Heated Mug!

Posted by: on Apr 22, 2015 | No Comments

Have you ever thought of having a cool coffee mug that could heat your tasty beverages? Well dream no more…the Nano Heated Mug has arrived on Kickstarter. Nano Heated Mug can keep your hot beverages at the ideal drinkable temperature for 45 minutes and keeps charge for 7+ refills. Sound like a winner for the avid tea or coffee drinker. The Nano Heated Mug boast some cool features such as automatically turns off after 30 minutes to save charge, easily re-charge at home, car or at computer with USB cord.


The Nano Mug reminds me of another hi-tech cup called the Vessyl that made the Internet go crazy when it arrived on the web last year. The Vessyl is a smart cup, so smart that it could tell you what beverage you were drinking and what it means for your health. Obviously, the Nano Heated Mug is a completely different device than the Vessyl Smart Cup in terms on what each cup can do for consumers. Currently, the Nano Heated Mug has 537 backers with $40,325 in the bank but an estimate of $120,000 goal is required with 10 days to go. With this being a Kickstater project the Nano Heated Mug will not be able to claim the backer donations unless it can receive $120,000 backing for the  Kickstarter project. I think this is definitely a cool tech device for people that demand a warm mug of joe or warm tea. You can support the Nano Mug project on Kickstarter today!

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