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The TechGeniux Brief Overview of Minecraft

Posted by: on Mar 20, 2015 | No Comments

Minecraft is an independent video game sandbox by Swedish company Mojang. The innovative building aspect of Minecraft allows players to construct the world in 3D out of textured cubes. Other activities include crafting, exploration and gathering resources. A multiplayer mode is also available to build a world and maintain the health. There are many different versions of this game.

Minecraft game won five awards in Game Developers Conference 2011. The basic theme of this game revolves around breaking and placing blocks. Players use rough 3D objects to build whatever they want. There are four modes available to play this game which is:
• Survival mode
• Creative mode
• Adventure mode
• Spectator mode

Different platforms are available to play this game which is:
• Personal Computer Versions
The Personal Computer (PC) was the original platform for playing this game. Different versions are available for PC which are Minecraft4k and Minecraft Classic.
• Home Console Versions
Home Console Version includes Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
• Handheld Versions
Handheld Devices include Xperia Play, Windows phone 8.1.


Huge Acquisition Deal
Rumors swirled all around about Microsoft that it is going to Purchase Mojang, developer of Minecraft. These rumors turned true and Microsoft officially owns Mojang for worth $2.5 billion.


According to survey 54 million copies of Minecraft are sold. Now Microsoft allows this game to remain on iOS and PS4 platforms. The reason behind this acquisition, according to the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson and majority shareholder was that they don’t want to take further responsibility of such a global significance game. They feel that this game has grown to a large extent over the years. After the completion of this deal, the majority of the staff members remained in this company, but founders Persson, Carl Manneh and Jakob Porser, left this Company. The new project of Mojang, named online CCG Scrolls introduced before the deal. So, we hope that Microsoft will not ruin these types of projects instead they will be able to make it better for the fans of Minecraft. Minecraft is liked by everyone because of its simplicity. This game has no built in tutorials and the only way to learn it by watching tutorials on YouTube, wikis etc. Microsoft always maintains its standards and provides a good platform. That’s why Windows is still a better platform for developers. So, Minecraft is an abundant symbol where Microsoft needs to invest. Hence, this acquisition seems to be a great investment and a genius move.

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